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  1. Science / Technology
P-N junction is formed by joining n-type and p-type semiconductor materials, which is a two terminal device that allows electric current in one direction and blocks electric current in another direction. On a silicon wafer, different doping processes are used to form an N-type semiconductor on one side and a P-type semiconductor on the other […]
  1. Science / Technology
Introduction In any power electronics converter, filter network, and communication system, where they are often used in Resonance Networks, inductors are the most common parts. If you are totally new to inductors, to learn the fundamentals, check out the post on implementing inductors. There are several kinds of inductors in practice, but none of them […]
  1. Science / Technology
Introduction Operational amplifier (op amp for short) is basically a voltage amplifying device designed to be used with components like capacitors and resistors, between its in/out terminals, or is simply a linear Integrated Circuit (IC) having multiple-terminals. In electronics, the open-loop voltage gain of the actual operational amplifier is very large, which can be seen […]

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