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Reasons for Choosing Seamless Steel Pipes Over Welded Pipes

When choosing steel tubes, you should make a decision well-in-advance about the use of seamless steel pipes for your application is advantageous or not, in comparison to welded tubes.

These are the two fundamental classifications of steel pipes based on their manufacturing methods. The seamless steel pipes are made of high-quality alloy steel or carbon steel and are manufactured by hot rolling and cold drawn technique. Seamless steel tubes can be seen in a variety of industries like petrochemicals, automobiles, oil and gas, nuclear stations, hydra power stations, construction and more. These industries also make use of welded pipes as they performs very similar function with the only difference that these pipes are prone to damage and erosion. 

Less prone to corrode

The basic feature which makes carbon steel seamless pipes more preferred choice over welded material is that seamless pipes do not have any weld joint. Normally, the joints in welded seams are the areas from where leakages, ruptures and erosion begin. Thus, welded pipes are less expensive than seamless steel pipes, but they require frequent maintenance which ultimately raises the expense. Whereas, there are leading manufacturers of seamless products ranging from, hydraulic tubes, boiler pipes, line pipes, heat exchanger tubes, mechanical tubes, etc. with huge productivity capacity. So, if you purchase directly from the manufacturer instead of the supplier or retailer, you will get price advantage.

Endure high pressure and less impurity 

Another benefit of seamless steel pipes over welded pipe is that it offers greater resistance to corrosion because there is less opportunity for impurities. Using seamless tubes let you steer clear of the possible defect and flexibility that could be said about welded joints in welded tubes. Unlike welded tubes, seamless tubes do not additional testing for weld integrity. Thus, seamless tubing is often more suitable for critical applications.

However, both seamless and welded tubing has certain pressure standards to meet and they are often used for different purposes.

In case you need pipes for industrial purpose and both seamless and welded pipes can fulfill your needs then it is always better to opt for the seamless ones and these pipes are more durable and comes with more precision and can therefore meet your purpose to a tee.  In the long-run they also prove to be quite cost-effective. Therefore, seamless pipes often become the obvious choice of owners of manufacturing businesses.


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