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One of the most difficult tasks one could ever be caught up with is house or apartment hunting. Securing an apartment that suits your needs and meets your expectations is definitely not the easiest thing to do considering the fact that it involves lots of thinking as well as research. 

Every day, after work, you should be eager to return home. Rather than dread your apartment because of a nosy landlord or noisy neighbor, you should look forward to enjoying the peace and warmth that your home provides. However, this will only be possible if you made a conscious and well-informed choice of apartment.

There are a couple of factors to consider before renting an apartment. To help ease this journey, we have listed seven of such factors to guide you before you decide whether or not to move into that apartment,

1. Location/Neighborhood

This is a very important factor to consider, before getting an apartment. The location where the apartment is situated has a lot to do with your overall experience while you stay in that area. Is it a noisy environment? Is it prone to violence? How is the security? Before getting an apartment in any location, it is important that you check out the neighborhood. Do a scan of the environment, the scenery, the kind of people there, etc. This is very important for your peace of mind, and it would also help your decision-making better.

2. Rent

The cost of the rent must also be taken into consideration, especially when you’re seeking to rent a new apartment. It is important that you know what the market says about rent for apartments in that location before you actually go to bargain and agree to the price. This would help you determine whether the area is within your budget or not. Also, asides from checking whether the apartment is within your budget or not, you also need to determine whether the rent is worth the quality of the apartment.

3. Size of Apartment

The size of the apartment should also be considered when renting an apartment. You have to take into consideration the size of your furniture, the number of furniture you would be bringing in as well, the number of people living with you and so on. Space is very important to ensure comfortability. You should make sure to take a good look at the apartment and see how your belongings would fit in properly.

4. Available Facilities

The facilities and other essential amenities in the apartment must be considered before a decision can be made. Things like water, plumbing system, electricity, air conditioning, kitchen amenities, state of the bathroom and its facilities, etc should be well assessed and tested to ensure their functionality. Don’t just go for the beauty of the outlook, functionality should be paid more attention to.

5. Landlord and Neighbors

Make your findings of who the landlord is, his personality, and how he manages the house. No one wants a nosy landlord. No one wants a landlord who doesn’t respect boundaries, who is lax about repairing things that he ought to, or who makes unreasonable decisions at his will without considering the tenants. You should also get to know the kind of neighbors you would be living with. This would help you know what to expect when you finally move in.

6. Utility Cost

Besides the rent that would be paid, utility costs such as water, electricity, and security bills should also be taken into consideration since you would also have to pay for them. The cost of utility is as important as the rent you would be paying for the apartment. Hence, you can’t afford to take it for granted.

7. The Lease/Rent Policy

The rent policy should also be read and well understood before you go ahead to sign and complete your transaction. Terms and conditions should be read through, to see if you can abide by them. Policies such as, if it is allowed to let out the apartment in the future to someone else, pet policy, security rules, refundable rule, parking rules, date when the rent would be paid every month, and a host of others. These should be read through and thoroughly. If you are comfortable with the rules, you can then go ahead to sign, pay, and move in.

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