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Roguelike dungeon crawlers are quite different and intense games where players go into dungeons and caves in search of loot and adventure. It is an excellent gaming genre, and you will enjoy it playing a lot. Here are some best roguelike dungeon crawlers that you can play on your Android device.


Caves is quite a very popular roguelike dungeon crawler where you have to crawl through some randomly generated dungeons to collect loot and defeat a bunch of bad guys. It is a retro-style game, and it offers very decent controls. You will also get the main base along with a cloning station in the game. It is relatively a difficult game, and you will love playing it. The game is available for free to play as well as it offers a premium version that will cost you $4.99.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked is an excellent survival game that features a variety of roguelike elements including randomly generated maps, permanent character death, survival as well as crafting mechanics, and much other fantastic stuff. In the game, you have to exploit nearby creatures and your surroundings to survive. It is a fun game and available for $4.99 to be played.


Hoplite is a very old but popular dungeon crawler that features turn-based movement and gives you a strategic gameplay experience. It provides you with various randomly generated dungeons, Google Play Games achievements, leaderboards, straightforward controls, various difficulty levels, and many more things. The game is pretty amazing and available for free to play. It even offers a premium version that will cost you $2.99.


HyperRogue is another roguelike dungeon crawler that features circular maps and a unique type of top-down perspective. The game is quite short, and your goal is to kill various bad guys and avoid death. You can play it for free or purchase its premium version of the game. The premium version of the game will add some additional features such as leaderboards and achievements. You can get access to the premium version of the game for $2.99.


Pathos is one of the oldest roguelike dungeon crawlers. It features quite average graphics and little complex controls. Your goal is to descend into dungeons, kill the main bad guy, and escape the dungeon before you die. It is quite a decent game and entirely available for free to play.

Quest of Dungeons

Quest of Dungeons is quite a decent dungeon crawler that also uses turn-based movement. The game provides you with four different characters to choose from and play. Each character has a different set of abilities. Your goal is to travel through the dungeons, kill bad guys, loot whatever you can, and survive. The graphics of the game is nice, and it is available for $1.99 to play.

Space Grunts 2

Space Grunts 2 is quite a different roguelike dungeon crawler that features card collection mechanisms. Your goal is to collect the various cards by killing bad guys and use these cards to get out of trouble. The game is quite simple and interesting, and it is available for $3.99.


Sproggiwood features excellent graphics, and it is a very classic roguelike dungeon crawler. Your goal is to enter dungeons, loot whatever you can, and defeat enemies by avoiding death. It offers a variety of characters and other choices. The game is pretty nice and available for $4.99.

These above-mentioned roguelike dungeon crawlers are excellent games, and I would strongly recommend that you try a few of them. Thank you!

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