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Roller Skating Vs. Inline Skating

You may have been wondering which one is better–inline skating or roller skating.

Some people think that quad roller skates are easier to learn than roller blades but interestingly, the truth is that many people, including children, find inline skating much easier.


It's true that roller skates have a wider base which makes them seem more stable. But if you look closely, the roller skate plate is shorter and extends from just under the toe to the heel. This can cause rookie falls while the skater is still learning. It also makes wheel clipping (wheels on one skate clip the wheels on the other skate and cause a fall) more likely.

You need to separate your feet while learning to skate in quad roller skates and that is especially difficult for children with their little legs.

On the other hand, roller blades have a longer frame, extending from the toes to behind the heel. This actually makes them more stable than roller skating and less prone to wheel clipping.


Most inline skates come with a high ankle to support your ankle and a heel brake. This makes stopping easier. All you have to do is gently extend the foot fitted with the brake – toe to sky – and the heel brake pad helps you stop.

Most quad skates have toe stops on the front of the boot instead of heel brakes. To use these toe stops, you need to drag one toe behind or turn around and engage them while skating backwards. This can prove more difficult that than the heel brake on the blades.


Inline skates require strong ankles to balance on one line of wheels.

Both inline skates and quad roller skates require balance, core strength and leg strength. And you can build that with time and with practice.

Skaters often say that those who skated on blades as a kid find inline skates or blades easier to learn on as an adult. And it is also true the other way around.

If you're still not sure which types of skating is best for you, and you have never tried roller blades or inline skates before, we recommend going to the local roller rink and try both types of skating. Go with your gut instinct or ask the help of a trainer or a skilled skater. And then decide the type of skates you find the easiest to learn on since everyone is different. A

And don’t worry about which one you choose, once you have the muscle strength and have mastered the basics and some tricks, you can learn the other type as well, if that is what you have your heart set on!

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Written by Sam Walton

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