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The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are one of the best smartphones by Samsung that you can get your hands on. But as good as they are, these phones have their fair share of issues. Fortunately, these issues that users are facing commonly, are minor ones and don’t need you to be techy to solve them. So, here is a list of some problems and their solutions faced by the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Push Notifications

Battery saving features and aggressive RAM do save the smartphones from the horrors of a drained battery and full storage, but it also leads to a series of new issues. One of which is delayed app notifications on Samsung Galaxy S20.


First of all, you need to make sure that the apps that are sending delayed notifications aren’t listed for “battery optimization.” As battery optimization prevents the apps from running in the background, which further results in delayed notifications.

To fix this, open Settings then tap on Apps > Configure apps > Battery optimization > All apps. Scroll down to find the apps that are experiencing the issue, and disable them.

The Refresh Rate Keeps Changing

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series comes with an immersive 120Hz display. You should know that not every app is capable enough to support that high refresh rate. And when that happens, the phone automatically starts switching back and forth between 120Hz and 60Hz. The refresh rate also drops when the device temperature increases to 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 F) or above. You will notice this generally happening after taking a lot of pictures, gaming, and other processor-intensive activities. Also, the refresh rate drops once the battery level drops down to 5%. In case your phone is unable to adjust the refresh rate automatically, then you will have to go into the display settings and manually set the refresh rate to 120Hz.

Problems With Smart Unlock

Some users have come across an unfortunate bug that doesn’t allow Smart Unlock to work, even with the location set accurately.


You must know that this problem has been fixed with a software update. So make sure you are using the updated version of the Smart Unlock feature. If it’s still now working fine for you, you might consider setting up a Bixby routine. To do so, navigate to Settings > Advanced features and choose Bixby Routines. On the page that appears, tap on “Details.” Under the “My routines” section, tap on “Smart Unlock.”

Random Reboots

Quite a few users are experiencing random reboots with their Galaxy S20s. In some cases, it is as severe as a reboot after every five minutes or every time after they unplug wired headphones.


  • Some apps might have gone rogue, causing trouble. To check, consider booting your phone into Safe Mode and see if the issue still exists. If it doesn’t, you know that your culprit is a rogue app. Try uninstalling the recently updated or installed apps.
  • The problem has been fixed in a Software update for many. But if you are still experiencing the issue, consider getting a replacement.
  • Open Settings, then tap on Device care > … > Advanced > Disable Auto Restart.

Edge Lighting Doesn’t Work Properly

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is known for its edge and lighting. So, what’s the point if that doesn’t work as expected.


  • Open Settings, scroll down to find Edge Lighting, then tap on Choose Apps. In the list that appears, checkmark the apps you want to receive notifications for.
  • Try adjusting the duration for edge lighting. Set it to a middle setting and check if edge lighting is working as expected.
  • Try using a third-party app, like Edge Lighting from Samsung Good Lock Suite or AODNotify from the Google Play Store.

We hope that you were easily able to solve the problem faced by your Samsung Galaxy device with the help of this article.

source: Samsung Galaxy S20 Series: Problems and How to Fix Them

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