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A semi-circle always features a degree of 180, hence the term semi, which suggests half a circle. I think you’ll be visiting this page to calculate the world of an arc, or piece of a circle because semi-circle can sometimes be considered ambiguous.

The formula the calculator uses is as follows:

Area = PI (3.141) * r ^2 * a/360

Where r is that the radius

a is that the arc angle also referred to as the central angle. (For a semi-circle this is often always 180 degrees)

How to calculate the world of a semi-circle

Here are some steps we have provided you to calculate the semi-circle. If you’re trying manually then these processes will help you a lot. Because suppose you are somewhere and you don’t have any calculator then what you will do. So in that case it will be good if you learn how to calculate it manually too. We have provided the entire step you have to follow to calculate semi-circle but here we are when you need an online and a web-based calculator for you.

Measure the Angle

The first step is to make sure that the world you’re looking to calculate is actually a semi-circle. If you are doing find this to be the case, the angle within the formula above are going to be 180 degrees. If this is often not the case, then you want to find the angle by measuring it. For this instance we’ll assume it’s actually a semi-circle, therefore the angle is 180.

Measure the Radius

The next step is to live or calculate the radius. For this instance, we are getting to assume the diameter of the semi-circle is given at 2 meters (m). to seek out the radius we must divide the diameter by 2. This yield results of 1 meter for the radius.

Calculate the world 

The final step is that the plug all of the knowledge into the formula, or just use the calculator. Using the formula we discover the world of this semi-circle is 1.570 meters squared.

Analyze the results

Analyze the results and determine if the solution makes logical sense. This step is vital in determining the accuracy of your calculations

How to use Semicircle Area Calculator

Using this semicircle area calculator is really great it can save your time and it is also a totally free and online tool that anyone can use any time and from anywhere. This semi-circle tool is really easy to use and really great tool for you to use. You can solve your problem really fast and you don’t even have to do much. You don’t have to worry about the formula also because we have already included the formula in the calculator, you will not get any kind of problem as you use to get when you use to do it manually.

As you can see in this tool you have only one text box where you are going t input whatever number you want to input in it.

After you will input the number in it then you will able to get the best result from here you just have to click on the calculate button to get the result.

After you will click the calculate button you will get Radios, Semi-circle, and then perimeter.

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