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PUBG has gained huge popularity in very little time, and people from all around the world love playing it. It was first launched only for PC, but after some time, developers launched PUBG Mobile. Well both the games, PUBG and PUBG Mobile are not similar, though if you played any of them, then the other one will look a lot familiar to you, they are quite different from each other. Here are some major differences between PUBG and PUBG Mobile.


Graphics is one of the most important factors for any game. PUBG Mobile has quite decent graphics, but if we compare its graphics with the PUBG PC, we will find a huge difference amongst them. PUBG PC has far better graphics than the PUBG Mobile. You can hardly cross 480P on PUBG Mobile, but you can easily get high-quality (720P and 1080P) game streaming on PUBG PC.


Well if you play PUBG Mobile, you will find that it is quite easier to hear the footprints, vehicle sounds, or the bullet fires. However, on a PUBG PC, you will need high-quality headphones to hear the footprints or other sounds, and that is what makes the PUBG PC a relatively more challenging game.

Changes in Free-to-Play Model and Loot

You can download and play PUBG Mobile entirely for free, but PUBG PC does cost some money and has paid crates along with various clothing options and weapon skins. However, in PUBG Mobile players reach a certain threshold and get rewarded with up to 5 crates every day completely for free. But in PUBG PC, players use Battle Points (BP) to open new crates.


In the game, PUBG Mobile, you will have to collect various items to upgrade your character, weapons, armor, and other stuff. But PUBG PC has an auto pick-up feature that makes looting relatively very simple. The PUBG PC automatically upgraded everything, and you don’t need to collect anything manually. It even switches out any lower-level helmets, backpacks, and armor with the higher-level ones automatically.

Auto pick-up is undoubtedly an excellent improvement over PUBG PC, and it also allows you to open up the inventory and customize your kit based on your choices. You can also turn off the auto-loot feature if you want, but it works pretty well, so it is better if you let that feature turn on.

Easier Vehicle Controls

Vehicles are really important in the game to transport from one place to another quickly, and you can also use them sometimes to hit other players to kill them. The game will offer you three different control schemes, and you have to choose any one of them. However the PUBG PC offers quite simple and easy controls compared to the PUBG Mobile, so you will get an advantage in controlling your vehicles on PUBG PC over PUBG Mobile.

Frame Per Second

You can not exceed the 60 fps on PUBG Mobile, however, on PUBG PC you will get an average speed of 90-100 fps and sometimes even 136 fps. If you play the game on a beast PC, then it can even exceed up to 300 fps.

You can also find a few other differences between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, but the above-mentioned differences are some major differences that we found between them. I hope you liked the article. Thank you!

source: PUBG vs PUBG Mobile

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