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Thousands of lenses are available on Snapchat. Some of these lenses are very funny. Here is a quick look on some of these funniest lenses.

The multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, is still one of the best platforms to find funny lenses and face filters. Many apps are available on smartphones with face filters and funny lenses which users often enjoy to use. But, Snapchat has set itself apart from these apps and has gained much popularity. The pictures and messages remained available only for a short time on Snapchat, but the app has evolved a lot till now. It introduced several innovations to its features to remain relevant among its users. One of its innovations includes Snap Streaks that grabbed much attention from the users. Moreover, the app has introduced many other things such as the introduction of a friend list and changes in time amount of a photo to be seen by the users. Amidst all these changes and innovations, funny lenses are still in huge demand.

Snapchat lenses and filters are available in a wide range for the users. It ranges from the faces of dogs, cats to former  American presidents and everything coming in-between. Snapchat introduced geofilters in the year 2014 and then face filters were introduced in the year 2015. In the year 2018, Snapchat introduced a service allowing the users to create their face filters. The users can search for magnifying glass to find out the huge number of lenses anytime as these are on rotation for a limited time for the users.

It is very easy to use Snapchat lenses with some little care. There should be proper light in the room so the screen can recognize your face. Also, you will need to face the screen without any obstructions as nothing should come between you and your face. However, it can be a difficult task to look through all the Snapchat lenses, but if you know where to find these funny lenses, then it becomes easy. When you press down the explore key, it will open up a section of lenses For You very much similar to those you have used. After then, you can find the Trending page showcasing the top lenses.

Funny Lenses on Snapchat: Worth to Check Out

It is not surprising that Snapchat lens is available for the Netflix movie Avatar the Last Airbender. The Snapchat lens for the movie has been introduced to intensify the buzz around the movie. The Snapchat lens for the movie known as Avatar Bending rotates through all bending types with a twist from all cartoons of Nickelodeon. Further, there is also a back bending option while rotating alongside fire, water, blood and earth. The users need to choose the bender by opening their mouth and then by simply putting their face on the screen. Then, they will find the option of lenses as My Twin allowing the users to see their look while swapping through gender.

The face filters have generated a lot of stories when siblings that they are looking very much alike when swapped gender. This particular lens doesn’t require any improvement as it has gained prominence from over the few months. Currently, 5 head lens has been holding the top position on the Snapchat trending page. The lens shrinks the face at its bottom portion and stretches out the forehead portion. The shape of the face appearing in this lens further is reminiscing everything that one can see on the Invader Zim show. However, there is no use of voice alteration in the lens, but it is doing tricks.

The other Snapchat lens without voice alteration is Broccoli Head which is also grabbing huge attention from the users. The Broccoli Head lens can convert the head of any user who is using it into a huge giant broccoli piece. It doesn’t stop here only as further; it goes to give your face a silly look by blowing out a proportion of your mouth and eyes. Overall, the list of Snapchat lenses does not end here as it has thousands of such interesting face filters meant for everyone. The users are free to use these and create their face filters along with enjoying multiple games and features in the app.

Source  :-  https://qmorton.com/snapchat-the-funniest-lenses-to-try/

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