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Social media is how things work today. It is how you connect, be it that you want to connect with your friends, or you are an entrepreneur who wants to market your products, you want a job, you want to create a job, you are a student, etc. For every single thing, social media acts as a facilitator. It is as important as newspapers were in the old times. Infact more. The uses of social media are limitless. It has endless possibilities.

Social media is important. Period. No question about it. The only confusion that exists is How to use social media for yourself? The answer here depends on a lot of factors, like are you an individual entrepreneur? What are your products? And a series of questions like these.

We will help you understand how to use social media networks to the best of your advantage in this article. A few questions that you need to answer are as follows:


Social media is not just a trend you need to follow. It is a need in today’s time. An essential need. It is a like a character counter that collects audience for you. It is important to understand to make the best use of social media network, it is not just Facebook that you need to hop on. There are a lot of platforms you need to use in order to really make the network work for you.

Social Networking to meet new people

Social media is used to make friends. So you really don’t need to actually do anything here. Join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; make a profile for yourself and there you are done and connected to the trend.

Although today there are various other applications as well, For example, Meetup, Muzmatch, coffee meets bagel, Neighborhood apps, etc.

Social Networking for Bloggers:

Social media plays an important role for a blogger. It all comes down to how popular you can get using various techniques.

All bloggers need to create unique and eye-catching content for this purpose. Also, this really depends on the number of followers. If you are mom blogger, food blogger, fashion blogger, etc the stronger the bio and pictures, the more followers you will have.

All the bloggers need to make their strong game, using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat etc. The opportunities are limitless and so are the networks.

Social Networking for Business owners:

If you are a start-up or an owner of running a business or planning to start one, Please take note that every kind of business to survive and flourish today, need a social media presence. The presence is supposed to focus on three factors here; Followers, B2B networking and reputation management.

Business-oriented social media networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google plus etc are used to create the best strategies to optimize the business return on investment. It is very important to be on the right social media platform.

It is possible that you can get a lot of likes or engagements on Facebook, or maybe your photo game on Instagram can increase your business reach. For other businesses,LinkedIn might get you the right clientele. Therefore it is important to use a strategy for your social media presence using a different platform to the best of your business’s ability.

Social Media Network Determinations:

There are a few questions that will help you determine the best platform for you as per your need. The discussion below might help you refine down your choices a bit:

  • Target Audience:
    In order to make a social media strategy, it is very important to know which social media platform is your target audience? For example, if you are targeting millennial or Gen Z, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest should be your goto for setting up a business profile.

  • There is also another problem with fake accounts. For example, around 30% of profile on Facebook is fake. So if you have tons of followers on Facebook but they are fake account. It won’t do you or your business any good. It is useless here to buy Facebook likes or followers as well.
  • Therefore research addressing this question is very important before you waste your money on getting fake followers or getting the wrong audience to follow you.
  • Active Users:
    Facebook has the largest number of inactive user. Many users create profiles but never use it. I, for instance, have a twitter account but have not used it in years. Googles reports that around 30 – 40% of its users are inactive. Getting inactive users should not be your goal.

    Therefore a big number of followers on social media does not equal active users. Research here is again your answer to target the right platform.

  • Search Engines usage by Audience:
    It is a good thing today that the individuals are curious and they have a free platform to satisfy their curiosities. A lot of people, including students, kids, adults, seniors use platforms such as Google for searching.
  • Social media, therefore, is not just used for networking but research as well. Here is where you can use media techniques such as SEO (Search engine optimization) etc to reach your target audience as well. Millions of individuals are using search engines. This is your best bet.
  • Niche sites:
    Niche sites are certain sites that might work the best for you. They don’t have a lot of users but they have the ‘right followers’ as we can explain to you. So for example, If you are a blogger, go for Photobucket. You want to sell your furniture, go for a platform called ‘Chairish’. You want to buy or sell used branded products go for, ‘mercari’. Etc


Social media is like ‘water’ to your business. You cannot expect your business to exist without it. You have to satisfy the thirst of your business by giving it existence on the different social media platform. We hope this article helps you to get yourself or your business the right media presence.


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