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Solve HP Printer Printing Blank Pages Problems Safe Mode

HP has consistently dominated in assembling best quality printers occasionally. HP printers are known for their dependability, adaptability, and printing speeds and have scarcely ever baffled clients over the world. In any case, as of late it has been seen in model issues like HP printer printing clear pages. There have additionally been other normal blunders identified with the yield working of HP printers, as not imprinting in shading and HP printer printing clear pages with images. Now and again, the issue of HP printer printing moderate has been found as well.

Subsequent to breaking down winning grievances, the most widely recognized mistake that we have seen is of printing clear pages. We did a few workarounds on this issue and have at long last concocted one sure-shot manual investigating technique to get your printer working fine once more. Before we start, the first guarantee that you are utilizing real HP cartridges as the means we will let you know are regarding utilizing just HP ink and toners.


The following are some straightforward strides to correct the mistake of HP printer printing clear pages: 

  • Check the assessed ink levels. 
  • Burden a plain white paper on the paper plate. 
  • Contact the less catch (– ) close to the arrangement (wrench) symbol on the lower-left corner of the printer's control board. 
  • Contact the Right Arrow button (>) to choose Tools, and afterward, contact OK. 
  • Contact (>) again to choose Estimated Ink Levels and afterward contact OK. A figure will show up on the printer LCD screen, demonstrating ink levels. 
  • In the event that any of the ink cartridges are low on ink, see the subsequent stage to supplant them. 
  • Burden a plain white paper in the information plate, and press the Power catch to turn on the printer. 
  • Open the cartridge entryway. Hold up until the printer turns quiet and inert. 
  • Give a light press to the cartridge to deliver it. Haul it out. 
  • Hold the new cartridge by its sides with the spouts toward the printer. Addition it into its shading coded opening until it fits properly naturally. 
  • Supplement the tri-shading cartridge in the left space and the dark cartridge in the correct opening. Close the cartridge entryway. 


  • Presently, adjust your HP printer's cartridges. Follow the following scarcely any means to do it. Guarantee that the printer is turned on and a plain paper is stacked in the information plate. 
  • Contact the short catch (– ) close to the Setup (wrench) symbol on the lower-left corner of the printer's control board. 
  • Contact the Right Arrow button (>) to choose Tools, and afterward, contact OK. 
  • Contact the (>) button again to choose Align Printer, and afterward, contact OK. The printer will print an arrangement page. 


Lift the printer top. Spot the arrangement page (printed-side down) on the right-front corner of the scanner glass. Follow the engraved guide close to the scanner glass to stack the arrangement page.

Close the top, and afterward press OK to complete the arrangement order.

Hold up until the HP printer checks the arrangement sheet and completes the arrangement cycle.

In the event that the above fix didn't work, dial the HP printer uphold number for customized help, or jump to the following strategy.

Clean the Printhead 

Another explanation behind the HP printer issue might be an obstructed printhead. Follow the underneath steps to run a robotized instrument that will clean the printhead.

Burden a plain white paper on the information plate.

Rehash means 3 and 4 from the past strategy.

Contact the Right Arrow button (>) to choose Clean Printhead, and afterward, contact OK. The printer will start the cleaning cycle.

After the cleanup cycle completes, a test page will be printed,

Check the print quality on the printhead test page. In the event that the print quality is unacceptable, rehash the cleaning cycle.

In the event that all the above strategies didn't work for you, it is prompted that you check your printhead for any conceivable imperfection. It is additionally suggested that, for most ideal arrangements, you may contact HP Printer Assistant. For other PC related mistakes like HP PC won't turn on, the specialists at HP can analyze the reason right away and correct the blunder. At the point when you contact HP Support Assistant, you can either look for help with far off help or by adhering to verbal directions in a DIY style.

You can likewise address your inquiries and issues to master HP investigating group at HP talk. Likewise, if your HP printer issues are working framework explicit (HP printer printing clear pages Windows 10), the HP client care will control you with specific strides to determine them. In any event, for HP printer printing clear pages Mac, HP backing will be glad to help.


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