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Solved- HP Printer Not Responding | How to Fix HP Printer not working

Is the HP printer unresponsive on a MacBook or Windows computer? Are you unable to post anything on your HP printer? Then we have a solution. Follow these simple step-by-step guides that will allow you to fix the problem on your personal computer in no time.

HP printers are among the best printers in the electronics industry available worldwide. All these flashlights are inexpensive. HP printers are the answer to all your office or home printing needs.

HP produces the best quality printers at the lowest price. But it also covers some minor or major problems, such as the HP printer not reporting the problem.

How to troubleshoot an HP printer that's not audible in Mac OS

There have been occasions when the HP printer was not working properly in Mac OS. In such cases, you can follow these steps to fix such problems. Check below:

Rate the Out-Printer link

Due to intermittent relationship problems, the HP printer may display an error message. If you find that your HP printer is not working, check the link first.

USB connection:

Turn off your nails and wait a few seconds.

Take the USB cable connected to the printer.

Now turn on the printer with some pressure to ensure connection.

To be sure, perform a print evaluation.

Network link

Restart the HP printer to find out if the problem has been resolved or not, then restart the computer.

Wait a few seconds and check the community link again.

Click on the Apple icon in your iMac and go to system taste.

Now, to start your list of printers, click one of these options – Printers & Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan.

In this list, click your HP printer and click Open Publishing Queue.

The HP printer not responding in Windows

Update the drivers:

An out-of-date driver can lead to an error like this. Therefore, make sure you are using updated and latest printer drivers.

Therefore, if these measures do not help to resolve your HP Printer Not Responding issue, please let us know in the comment box below, or you can get immediate HP support by calling HP Printer Support


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