Some Best Apps like Instagram for Android

Instagram undoubtedly is quite a popular social media platform ( you can get Instagram free followers ) and every day millions of people share their posts on it, in the form of pictures, videos or stories.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is getting larger and larger day by day, and it is almost impossible for any other app to take its place. But still, there are plenty of applications like Instagram out there that will give you almost the same experience you get on Instagram. Here are some of the best apps, like Instagram available for Android.

Friendly for Instagram

Friendly for Instagram lets you view the stories anonymously and download videos. You can also do the usual Instagram stuff such as sharing photos or videos, sending direct messages, leaving comments, etc. It is an excellent app and a great alternative to Instagram. You can use this app for free and purchase its paid version as well to get some additional features; the premium version of this app will cost you $9.99.


Snapchat is a camera-first app and the biggest competitor of Instagram. Snapchat allows you to send messages to people, along with photos and videos. You can even share the stories that will stay for 24 hours, and after that, it will automatically disappear.

Snapchat even provides you with augmented reality features that users use to add various filters on their snaps. It allows you to share your various stuff, but you can not post anything permanently. Whatever you post or share will automatically disappear after a fixed time. However, it offers a lot of similar features like Instagram. Snapchat is entirely available for free.


Twitter is another most popular social media platform, and it has a lot of similar functionality like Instagram. Twitter allows you to share your photos and small videos with some word limits for captions. You can use hashtags as well in your posts. It is an amazing social media platform and a great competitor of Instagram. There is another app named Periscope that also has a lot of features similar to Instagram; you can use both Twitter as well as Periscope entirely for free.


Tumblr is another excellent alternative of Instagram; it lets you share your images, text posts, videos, etc. You can even use hashtags and search posts via hashtags. It does not have a story sharing feature, but it has a GIF tool that you can use to create your own GIFs. It is a pretty decent app like Instagram, and you can use it entirely for free.


Facebook and Instagram both have entirely different user interfaces; however, they share lots of similar features. You can share your images, videos, stories, and even text posts on Facebook. It even allows you to share your stories and go live as Instagram does. Facebook is even more popular than Instagram, and if you are looking for an excellent alternative to Instagram, then you should go for Facebook.


Imgur allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos that can be shared on other websites too. You can find various random posts such as memes, wallpapers, pictures, and other funny content. It doesn’t have many features like Instagram, but still, it is a decent alternative to Instagram, and it is entirely available for free to use.

Some of the apps that we have mentioned in this list may not provide you with all the Instagram features. Still, some apps like Facebook and Snapchat even have extra features than Instagram offers, and they will give you a better browsing experience than Instagram. So, I would strongly recommend you to try a few of the above-mentioned apps in order to get an excellent alternative to Instagram. Thank you!



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