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These days there are websites and apps for almost anything, making it easier for people to find anything they want. Most people know about some unique websites that their peers don’t know. Such people claim to visit these seldom known websites regularly as it helps them in different tasks. There are websites for free PDFs of your favorite books, latest movies, and more. But visiting the same sites can get a little boring. So, if you want to make your routine a little exciting or want to find something new, the websites mentioned below in the list will help you with different purposes:


This website is a perfect place for all music lovers as this platform has a self-adapting system that learns about your music preferences by asking you what you like and what you don’t like. This website is entirely dedicated to music. When you open it first, you’ll find an empty database, but as soon as you enter your preferences, you’ll find all your favorites listed on the screen. You can regularly add and remove the choices to have a personalized and updated platform at all times.


The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone, but if you are looking forward to laughing and rolling out of your bed, Tickld is the perfect website to use. Their website has memes and jokes related to all the topics. They even feature some relatable jokes for people working as baristas, food service, etc. They have categorized the jokes as Heartwarming, Spooky, Outrageous, Funny, Cute, etc. Name it, and you will find it all in one place. You can even share your laugh with the loved ones.

Survival International Uncontacted Tribe

If you are someone who never wants to miss out on an opportunity to learn something new, then the Survival International Uncontacted Tribe website is for you. It features survival stories of more than a hundred uncontacted tribes around the world. All the tribes shown on the website are an essential part of humankind’s diversity, but they experience catastrophe when their land is left unprotected. This page will teach you everything we (as a society) can do to secure their land for them and let them live peacefully.


Patatap will help you unwind from the day-long stress of doing assignments, homework, projects, etc. It is an interactive website that responds to the keypress with music and beats. You can use any of the 26 alphabets to create any tune. The background changes every time you press any key and fills with stunning colors and brief animations. At the end of the page, you will find redirecting links to websites like Typatone, Jono, etc.


If you like to share your thoughts with the world without being seen or judged, then NOIYS is the ideal website for you. It is quite a famous and reliable platform as people can write and post anonymous notes and share their views without fearing anyone. Whatever you post, it will get deleted from the page after 24 hours, and this feature ensures your thoughts’ privacy and security. The best part is strangers can reply to you so you wouldn’t feel alone or left out in the crowd.

Cooking for Engineers

Quarantine has brought the chef out of many people, and if you are someone who has recently found out their inner chef, then this is a must-visit website for you. It features recipes, books, kitchen notes, and more to help you with all your kitchen-related tasks. You can also check some essential and useful kitchen gears and equipment on the website. Use their recipe files for cooking something new this holiday season.


The Zooniverse website is making things easier for the researchers as it will bring you close to them. They will help you connect and participate in exciting research projects. You can check the real cutting-edge research for which the world is looking for an answer and step forward to participate in them. It also lets you check and unlock solutions to some exciting research projects and contribute to real discoveries.

Many such websites around the world deserve your attention. For now, these are the apps that will keep you hooked and happy for quite some time.


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