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Supernatural is a famous and successful television series, which was created by Eric Kripke. It was broadcast on September 13, 2005, on WB for the first time. The actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are in the lead roles and portray the character of Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester in the series. The series revolves around two brothers who hunt supernatural beings, such as demons, ghosts, etc.

The series includes fifteen successful seasons. After the massive success of this series, the fans are expecting a movie based on this series. This will also give opportunities to some new faces along with some familiar faces as well. Dean and Sam are the most appreciated characters according to the fan-base in this series. This article has discussed a few reasons for casting Dean and Sam if a movie based on this series happens.

Re-Write The Finale

According to some of the fans, the finale of this fifteen-year journey with Supernatural is a perfect ending. Still, some of the fans and actors believe that the finale is not up to the mark as expected by the fifteen-season famous series, Supernatural. To make a movie and casting Dean and Sam again as brothers would be a great idea to re-write the ending part of their saga, where every fan is comfortable with the ending of this story. Also, a movie would include a summary of all the fifteen seasons so far in the series.

Kickstart A Series Reboot

The actors of the series stated that a series reboot was definitely planned even before the announcement of the final season. It will be a great idea to continue the story with the most loveable and fit characters Dean and Sam, as brothers. Even though the filmmakers do not focus mainly on them, their presence in the movie would be enough for the audience to assure them that the film is from the same universe of Supernatural. As a reboot signifies a fresh start, there could be various possibilities.

Fill In Gaps From Their Time Apart

We have seen Dean in Heaven in the finale of the series, and his brother Sam has the chance to live his life without his brother before joining him in Heaven. As the viewers have seen only a glimpse of the new family life of Sam without Dean, a movie could show the life of Sam without his brother Dean. Though Sam would be in grief without his brother Dean, the movie would invoke an emotional and touching role played by Jared Padalecki. Also, a cameo could be played by Dean from Heaven if needed.

Tie Up Loose Ends And Relationships

In the finale of Supernatural, we have seen a few loose ends. Sam and Dean have been shown in romantic relationships with Castiel and Eileen, respectively. When humanity was erased by Chuck from the Earth, Eileen and Castiel disappeared. Also, the series was unable to show the found family members of Sam and Dean. If these characters were to be in a movie, it could fetch a satisfying conclusion. By doing this, the brothers could enjoy their said relationships and avoid death.

In this article, we have concluded that the casting of Sam and Dean in a movie based on the series Supernatural would be a great way to continue the story by filling all the necessary gaps and increasing the chances of the film to gain more success.

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