IPv4 Addresses

  1. Science / Technology
Since the 2020 lockdown, numerous people worldwide have been gainfully employed, engaged and productive thanks to their capability to study, work and have entertainment through broadband connections. In this period, telecommunications service vendors have done an exceptional job of addressing the increased traffic volume and the sudden change in its nature while keeping a solid […]
  1. Science / Technology
From the noughties period, acquiring enough IPv4 addresses for business sustenance and scalability has been difficult for companies. All of the around 4.5 billion Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are assigned. The major IPv4 exhaustion occurred when all regional internet registries ran out of their remaining pools of IPv4 addresses. What Does IPv6 Mean? The […]
  1. Science / Technology
The RIR RIPE NCC has published its Internet country report series about Central Asia, Southeast Europe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Germany. The most recently published report in the RIR’s series looks at eight Gulf nations’ internet landscape, with a focus on the landscape in Iraq and Yemen. It gives an outlook about the infrastructure, market […]
  1. Science / Technology
Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are a vital network element. IPAM can be progressively tricky when the IP address count on a network goes up. More of those IP addresses are used always for databases, microservices, applications and so forth. Therefore, managing all those necessary resources, and what every single one of them is utilized […]
  1. Science / Technology
There is a serious networking vulnerability in netmask, an npm library that numerous applications use to parse CIDR blocks and IPv4 addresses or compare those. The issue relates to netmask’s component with more than 3 million downloads a week on npm. The bug in netmask results in that library seeing another IP when it parses […]

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