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Investing in overall appearance along with having your teeth whitened can reap some great advantages and to your self-esteem verily a knock-on effect. Dazzling white teeth seems fabulous, healthy, and strong. They are necessary for formal events and business meetings during which you need to look professional and well-groomed. Providing more handy solution and an […]
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Crystal White Teeth Beautify Your Smile and Add Charm To Your Overall Personality

Your face is the first thing that others notice when they meet you. So, it is important to have a nice smile. A beautiful smile makes you look pretty and leaves a positive impact on others. You are lucky if you have a good one as most of the people struggle hard to improve their smile aesthetics. 

For those who have clean white teeth, there is not much to do to enhance your smile. But those people who have stained yellow teeth, special effort is needed to have a pleasant smile and you might need to get professional assistance. Brushing your teeth daily and taking care of oral hygiene does help but that’s not enough. If you want to make your teeth squeaky clean, it is better to take help from cosmetic dentists.  Among various different procedures of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is the easiest and most effective solution that can literally make a change and enhance your smile. Here at iSmile, we have a range of skilled and qualified professionals who offer top-notch cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you get desired results at affordable rates. 

Through professional teeth whitening procedures performed by top dentists, you can easily get clean white teeth which will not only improve your smile but may also make your face look younger.  Even just one or two visits to the doctor’s office can help and make your teeth white. 

Don’t you believe it? You think you cannot get pearl white teeth within a couple of visits to the doctor’s office. 

Well, you can!

The teeth whitening done by skilled professionals can bring amazing consequences. The process is quite simple and effective and gives results in a short turnaround. Want to know how teeth whitening actually works? 

We can help you out!

In order to understand how this process works to whiten the teeth, it is essential to know about the anatomy of teeth.

The human teeth basically comprise three different layers. These include the pulp layer, dentin, and enamel.  The enamel is an extremely hard, outermost protective layer of the tooth that you can see. It is the layer that you brush daily. Underneath the enamel, the dentin layer is present which is a bit porous and less hard than enamel. Beneath this layer is the pulp layer and the pores in the dentin provide passageways towards it. This innermost layer contains the nerves and blood vessels.

When you have stained teeth, the stains are usually on the enamel. Sometimes, the dentin may also get stained. Enamel, being the outer layer is always visible while the dentin can also be seen if the enamel is worn down. You might not know that the colour of dentin is naturally yellow and this can be the reason that your teeth appear to be stained when the layer is visible because of thin enamel. 

The types of teeth stains are divided into two types based on the layer which is stained.

Extrinsic Stains

As the name indicates, these are the stains present on the enamel layer. The factors causing these stains are all external including high consumption of beverages and pigmented edibles, smoking and bad oral hygiene. Moreover, the intake of some antibiotics can also result in staining teeth.

Intrinsic Stains 

The stains that damage the dentin layer of teeth are termed as intrinsic. The factors causing these are mostly uncontrollable including age, genetics, and developmental abnormalities before tooth eruption. Moreover, excessive fluoride and the use of some antibiotics can also cause staining of the dentin layer.

The experts say that the majority of the stains are actually comprised of such compounds that are colourless. These compounds have a natural potential to convert into chromogens that are pigmented. These compounds, when accumulate on the teeth, cause staining and show some kind of colour because of pigment production.

You might be surprised to know that teeth stains are of different colours. Interestingly, the colour of your teeth stains reveals a lot about your eating and drinking habits. 

For instance,

  • The yellow stains of nicotine and dark tar stains are caused by smoking

  • Brownish Yellow spots on the teeth show you drink too much dark colas, tea or coffee

  • Yellowish stains often result when the enamel thins down and dentin starts to become visible.

  • Blue-Green or Yellow-Green stains that occur in a striped pattern in the horizontal direction are often caused because of the intake of antibiotics such as doxycycline and tetracycline

  • Greyish-black, blue or green stains are caused because of metallic restorations

  • Brown spots or lines and chalky white patches are caused because of excessive fluoride

How Teeth Whitening Work

The process of teeth whitening fights these stains via a chemical procedure known as oxidation.

The whitening agent used by the dentists usually contains carbamide or hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. When the carbamide peroxide comes in contact with the teeth, it breaks up into Hydrogen Peroxide. During the process of teeth whitening, Hydrogen Peroxide is oxidized and results in easy breaking of chemical bonds found in chromogens. Consequently, the molecules of the chromogens are scattered which results in the lightening of stains on the teeth. 

Here it is important to mention that the result of the teeth whitening process is not the same for every individual. Some may get crystal white teeth while for some, the result may not be as good as they want. The impact of the whitening process depends on your natural teeth colour.

To your surprise, white is not the only natural colour for teeth. Depending upon the genetics, the teeth can have different underlying colour tones.

These tones include:

  1. Reddish Gray

  2. Reddish Yellow

  3. Reddish Brown

  4. Gray

When you go for a teeth whitening treatment, often dentists show you a shade guide and let you know the anticipated outcomes.

Wrapping UpTeeth whitening treatment provided by a reliable professional can help improve your smile. If you want bright white and super clean teeth, iSmile can help. Contact us now, book an appointment and get the best treatment to have a beautiful smile

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