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Talentless Nana continues to blow minds as the show never disappoints its viewers in plot twists and brutal killings. In the last eight episodes, Nana came across some of the most skilled students, but she defeated all of them with her excellent deceiving skills and bluffs. However little she knew, an unknown student living on the outskirts of the ocean will become her biggest foe yet.

It should be clear by now that every student in the ability school is a psychopath, including the cute angelic Michiru, who was once the sweetest person in the school, and she even defended Nana when Kyoya blamed her for the homicides. But no one comes near to this demonic shapeshifter who died five years ago in a school breakout.

Talentless Nana recap

After killing almost every student, Nana reaches for more weak targets in the school, but after four students’ sudden deaths in a row, Kyoya tries to expose Nana in front of her classmates.

Being an excellent assassin, Nana comes out of the assailant’s position, and Kyoya admits defeat as he couldn’t find a piece of single evidence against Nana’s killing records.

In episode 9, Nana’s worst nightmare comes alive when she meets with Inukai. Michiru Inukai, a cute and cheerful girl, opens up about her real persona of being a psychopath by putting a blade on Nana’s neck. In the confrontation, Michiru threatens Nana that she’ll expose her fake mind-reading ability in front of the class and her killing spree as well.

While Nana somehow comes out alive by pushing Michiru, while she was distracted, the very next morning, Michiru tries new methods to expose Nana’s fake ability in front of the class. Still, Nana outsmarts Michiru by using her Pathological lying techniques.

Nana confrontation with Jin Tachibana

In the night, Nana tries to dispose of the last bit of evidence by throwing it off the cliff. Before throwing it away, Nana encounters Jin Tachibana, a former student at the ability school pronounced dead in the superiority battle five years ago.

Jin Tachibana tries to confront Nana for her motivation for killing all the ability schools, and in exchange, he shares the events that lead to the great ability war five years ago.

After mutual understanding, Jin confesses that he can transform into any animal he wants. Jin also shares that he has been using his powers to monitor Nana for a long time, and he is aware of all the people Nana has killed ever since she arrived at the school.

Naturally, Nana marks Jin as a potential enemy, and she poisons his tea to finish him while she can. Jin falls to the ground, and what seems like his untimely death is only a gimmick. While leaving the cave, Nana was again stopped by Jin, but it’s not Jin that stops Nana.

While looking back at Jin’s lifeless body, Nana witnesses Kyoya and Michiru standing next to Jin. Jin explains to Nana that shapeshifting is not the only ability in his arsenal. He can come back from the dead by transforming into Kyoya and using his immortality power.


At this rate, Nana can only pray to God because there is no way that she can take on a demon-like Jin Tachibana on her own. Nana’s situation worsens every second as Jin can copy other ability users’ appearances and their powers to his advantage. 

With a God-like ability, Jin could kill Nana at any second, but since he has been observing Nana’s killing count for over a month, something more will come out of this confrontation in the next episode of Talentless Nana.

Source-Talentless Nana: Nana Meets The Forgotten Shapeshifter Jin

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