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 In the previous episodes of Talentless Nana, we saw her being blackmailed by Tsunekichi Hatadaira. However, his intentions were unclear, and even though he had all the evidence to prove that she killed Nanao, he does not incriminate her. His motivations seem even more puzzling when he revealed that he knew about the murder even before she came to the island. Moreover, he is aware that Nana will be strangling him in the near future, but that does not worry him, and he decides to get close to her voluntarily. 

It is revealed in the latest episode that Tsunekichi did not care about the murder, and he only wanted to use the evidence against her to blackmail Nana into becoming his girlfriend. His decision might seem dumb, but his confidence is not unreasonable since he can see the future. He is confident that whatever he saw is absolute, and nobody can change it. His premonition has confirmed that before Nana strangles her, nothing would happen that can surprise him, so he gets close to her despite knowing that she won’t hesitate to kill him. 

One more crucial aspect of his premonition is that the picture he saw only shows him being surprised by Nana’s actions and does not see him dying. So, he has confidence that he can change whatever happens. He even decides to sleep next to her even though he knows she killed Nanao. However, Tsunekichi’s power is not unlimited; he can only see the future when he is asleep, and even then, he only has a vision in the form of Polaroids. Moreover, he cannot see more than five pictures at a time, which severely limits his ability to see the future. 

Nana decides to exploit the loopholes in his abilities and takes a fake picture to plant a phony premonition that shows her being killed by him. Tsunekichi is tricked by her and tries to sexually assault Nina, which gives her a chance to make her move. She stabs him with a poisonous needle and kills him right there. Nana has seen Tsunekichi’s real premonition in which Michiru and Kyoya walk in right after he dies. So, she had already prepared for it, and to justify her actions; she had tricked Tsuneckichi into sexually assaulting her. So, when he is dying, she can claim that she is a victim.

Kyoya had always been suspicious of Nana, but the evidence was too much to believe otherwise. Nana’s claims of sexual assault, coupled with the naked pictures used to blackmail her, convinces Kyoya to not look further into his death. However, Michiru ends up with the incriminating photo of Nana pushing Nanao off the cliff, which leaves no room for doubt. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Michiru has always trusted Nana, and there is no way to guess what she would do when presented with the evidence of her crime. It is also very suspicious that Nana has not killed her so far. It seems that she might want to use her healing abilities to her advantage, but there is no evidence to be sure of this. Now that she has killed two people close to her, it would be interesting to see what happens now. Will Nana kill Michiru next? The upcoming episode will hopefully answer some of our questions.

Source-Talentless Nana: Will Michiru Be Nana’s Next Victim

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