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There are some names which are ever green, you can use them in any decade or period. And on the other hand, some names can never fit the time-zone, they will be either too new to be considered by people or too old to be remembered as traditional and vintage names.

Pseudonyms and stage names have become quite popular lately, and most of the celebs are choosing new and hip-hop stage names that suit their personality. For example, Lliana Bird is known as Birdy and that is what she has chosen for her professional name or pseudonym.

Lliana Bird is not the only example of pseudonyms, there are a bundle of other people who choose a short or cool nickname for themselves. The names can be chosen by the celeb himself or by the die-hard fans who love to call their idols with cool names.

Then some names change the trend, no matter the era.These names are categorized under:

New Vintage Names:

Vintage names are the trendsetters and are very much in fashion. Parents today have chosen the vintage names and have modified them in such a way that it gave birth to something, new, and classy. Parents these days do not name their children with the old-fashioned names, they dig the vintage name list and choose something that feels of the present times, something that smells fresh.

Some of the new vintage names are Eloise, Pearl, Ira,Lionel, Dorothy, Florence, etc. They might feel old-fashioned but believe me,are one of the beautiful names that can fit any decade.


Short names that were once used as nicknames by the old people are also fresh and beautiful. Parents can also choose a classic or vintage name and make a short form from it to name their child with a wonderful invention. 

People in the united states have followed the convert-vintage names-into-new-names and they are loving it. Short names have been listed as the most popular and trending names of the span.

Some beautiful shorties that may or may not be the classic-converted are Mae, Rosie, Mack, Zeke, Zee, Mia, Bella, etc. 

Contemporary gods and goddesses:

Well naming the children after the names of the gods and goddesses have been quite a trend in the past as well as the present. Greeks,Romans usually use this method of naming and thin that the name might bring the attributes of the gods and goddesses to their children.

Names extracted from the religious beliefs, myths, old heroes have always been a magnificent way of naming the children. Greeks, for example, love the name Titan which means ‘immortal giant’.  

The meaning of the myths and the cultural importance itholds to the people is the reason why 

these names have not faded away even in this modern era.

Some beautiful names from this category are Maryam from the Quran, Jaziel from the Bible, Aurelia, Cain, Magnus, Freya, Rhea, Calliope,Amos, Titan, etc.

Pop Culture Names:

Names that are taken from the pop culture list or the fictional character checklist are also a prominent way of naming your wards.And people love doing so. Parents are seen naming their children after their favorite boo character or from a Tv series they love, or even the name of the super hero from a fictional cartoon movie. 

Names that are inspired by the trends and fashion are also categorized in this list. Some popular pop names are Dior, Arya, Scout, Anakin, Kylo, Ophelia, Collins, Boden, etc.

Unique Celebrity Names:

There are some very unique celebrity names that you might have not heard before either because you belong to a different continent or because you are not aware of what is trending. The trend of naming the babies after the names of the dead or the living celebrities is said to be set by the celebs themselves.

The antique names of the dead celebrities that are very much in trend today are either from the old authors, athletes, actors who put all the energies in the profession, or the famous singers. 

People also copy the mystic and unique names from the celebrities which satisfy their choices.

Popular names who are known to set the trends are Maisie, Idris, Legend, Adele, Liv, Octavia, Tatum, etc.

Dictionary-inspired Names:

We live in an era were setting the trend is not a difficult thing, you just have to do something that no one has done before, and there will be a lot of people who will like and support what you did. In the same way dictionary, words became names. 

For example, Jasmine is the name of a flower but is also the name of many people around the globe, the same goes for Violet. And these names are well-lied by people as well.

Some words that later became names include Major (aran king in Military), Stetson, Fox, Baer, Magnolia, etc.

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