As a teenager, there are a great number of benefits to joining a social club. A sports club, in particular, can be one of the best experiences you have during your high school experience. Here are the reasons you should head straight to your school’s list of teams and begin signing up.

Improves Physical Health

As a teenager, you will be going through many physical transformations that are difficult to keep up with. Playing a sport will tick keeping physically fit off the list, however. Developing the healthy habit of getting enough exercise when you are young is vital for your overall health in the future on top of while you’re still young. Not only that – team sports are fun! You won’t be spending your time watching the clock while slogging away on a treadmill, but instead engaging in healthy competitions with your friends. 

The Benefits of Joining a Sports Club in Your Teens

Improves Mental Well-Being

As well as helping your health physically, exercise can dramatically improve your mental well-being. Your mental health is extremely important to look after, and exercise is something that can help you stay positive. 

The endorphins released during playing sport will increase your positivity all around. This positivity will have a knock-on effect to other areas of your life, so you might find that you are bouncing into Math class after a lunch-time practice! 

Making Friends

Joining a sports club means you are sure to make plenty of new friends. The camaraderie shared within a sports team is like no other, and the friends you make there will be the ones you will hold dear. The more friends you have in high school, the better, with some you make being there for you long after you throw your graduation cap. 

Chance for Scholarships

When you are part of a sports team, you have the chance of being scouted by colleges for scholarships. This is a great way of cutting down the cost of college. Once you are an athlete, have a look around for scholarships that suit you – is a great place to sign up to so that scouts will see your potential! They work with scholarships for tennis, wrestling, baseball, swimming, and many more – so no matter what sport you find yourself taking part in, you are sure to find scouts for it there. 

Learn to Work as a Team

Working as a team is a life-long lesson that only comes with experience. Sure, knowing how to write well and being able to do long division are great attributes, but working together smoothly is a uniquely valuable skill. Once you have finished high school, this skill will be one you will apply time and time again, so ticking that lesson off while you’re still in school puts you two steps ahead of the game.  

Increase Self Confidence

Playing in a sports team boosts your self-esteem. When you participate well, you are likely to be rewarded with hearing ‘well done’, a cheer, and sincere appreciation for your effort. This can develop your self-confidence and help you thrive in other areas of your life.  Joining a sports team will bring you lots of joy throughout your high school experience. From making friends to winning games, you will look back on the times you had playing together with sincere fondness. 

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