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Video blogging or simply vlogging is a way to record and share your life and interests with your fans or folks, potentially generating money while you do it. Start from cooking vlogs to travel, from makeup to hair care, from pugs to parrots, whatever you’re into, possibilities are unlimited. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for vlogging with more than 2 billion users. With enough viewers, you can monetize your content, which avails you a share of the advertising profits.

You don’t need to enter the vlogging field with the thought of making money, but that potential is there. You can treat your YouTube channel just like any other social media platform, sharing your adventures and interests with subscribers and friends. Eventually, though, with a little luck, work, and some compelling content, you can cross the magical 1,000-subscriber threshold and start generating money from your hobby.

But first, you need a vlog video. And to make a vlog, you need a good camera, at the very least. We’ve put together a range of tools and some tips to help you start with, beginning with a camera you probably already have, and working your way up through more expensive choices as both your vlog and your experience grow.

Who is it for?

Vlogging can be so enjoyable, and if that’s the only thing you want from it, all you need is a thought and a video. However, if you want to earn money, it is undoubtedly a job. Several YouTubers get tired of facing the continuous hustle of making new videos that must perform, or else they lose their income. All that is to say, you’ll require to treat it as a job way before you’ll get paid like it’s a job.

Though, you don’t require a lot of costly gear, at least not to begin with. Your first videos generally won’t be seen by so many people other than your family and friends. It will take some time to streamline your process, get used to being on camera, figure out if this is what you want to do, and so on. Spending $3,000 upfront to know that you don’t want to be a YouTuber is not a good investment.

At last, what makes a vlog successful is largely how much effort and time you’re wanting to put into it, regardless of what you’re shooting with.

How We Chose and Tested Vlogging Cameras

As the proverb goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. This is precise for vlogging, as well. The best method to get started is making use of what you have on hand, even if that’s “just” a smartphone. Your phone, even if it’s a bit old, can record videos that will look good on YouTube.

The advantage of using your phone, or whatever camera you already have, is that you can get used to the steps of making vlogs prior you spend lots of money on tools for a task you might not end up enjoying. It’s also convenient and fairly cost-effective to upgrade the quality of your pre-existing camera with some fundamental accessories.

Source :- https://computersoftware410578901.wordpress.com/2021/06/14/the-best-cameras-for-vlogging-2021/

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