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I’m not well-versed on members money earning, here is some freeplay stuff. Kill Hill Giants from the Edgeville resource dungeon. Pick up the bones and  RS goldlimpwurt roots. ~250k gp/hr past Summer. Run muddy keys to the Lava Maze, choose only the precious stuff (you should not take anchovy pizzas). This is the very best f2p money making, I think about 400k/hr if you are great, but muddy keys take time to purchase. I love to do this in the hobgoblin mine, wear whole batwing and protect and you won’t need food. Hop worlds. PKers are so infrequent here you don’t even have to think about doing it. You can also superheat by mining the coal to produce your trips last more, I am not certain if that is better though. 70 mining demanded, 70 smithing if superheating. 200-300k gp/hr. Kill greater demons from the Forinthry Dungeon, use rune arrows. 100k gp/hr, also it is best range xp for freeplayers that I’m aware of. Put multicombat on so you don’t have to wait to kill the next demon.

I think doing air runes is something like 200k/hr at 66 runecraft, of course the higher the better, have not done that recently though. Mining rune. I haven’t done this in several years since they drastically reduced the amount of f2p worlds. I mined rune about a month ago at the lava maze, occasionally hopping to f2p worlds, and about half the f2p worlds had pkers sitting . Kind of stinks too because there isn’t any kbd lair so your options are kill them (doable if you are early in your trip), perishing, or running all of the way to 20 wilderness. A great deal of competition from the mining guild source dungeon, but it might be better than wilderness. I am probably forgetting a few, I posted a long list somewhere but that was in June last year.

The Defence package takes you down to level 1, but your complete level in Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged must be 10 or higher. This seems highly abusable. Basically, anybody with maximum battle at this time can turn into a maxed pure with 1 citizenship. The truth: Each defence level is worth .25 battle levels. 98 defence levels are 24.5 battle levels. Defence provides a harm reduction on all melee, array, or magic damage taken, by Lv/10 %, piling additively with harm reduction from tank armour. Truth and Defence from gear increases cubically as a use of level-tier. Therefore, lv50 armour would do nearly nothing contrary to lv90 weapons. In PvP scenarios, higher level armour is rarely used because of cost, but high level weapons are commonly used thanks to the shield item prayer.

Freedom is a lv34 defence capability that is absolutely crucial for EoC PvP. It is possible to use potions to boost for these abilities. Historical Warriors pvp armour now necessitates 40 defence. The smallest level nondegradable Power Armour is Void in 42, followed by Fremmenik in 50. EoC PKing is currently nonexistent outside of warbands.

With the current warband mechanics, combat level is more or less insignificant because players carrying warband loot can be attacked by anyone. Defence is quite useless for Legacy PKing mainly due to the lack of defence abilities. However, Jagex has plans to”revitalise” the wilderness although no specifics are given. Do you anticipate resetting your defence? I am not an economist, but I think that it’s agreeable that a match such as RuneScape is always necessarily subject to inflation.

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