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In our daily life, we can often hear people say about A-class cars and B-class cars. Then, how are the levels of this car divided? The following editor will lead everyone to understand the classification of car levels.. …..

Taken together, the classification of cars is divided into: mini car, small car, compact car, medium car, medium and large car, luxury car, small SUV, compact SUV, medium SUV, medium and large SUV, full-size SUV, MPV, Sports cars, pickup trucks, micro-faces, light buses, and micro-cards. Look at these comprehensively. Then the letters are divided into mini-cars (A00), small cars (A0), compact cars (A), medium-sized cars (B), Medium and large cars (C), luxury cars (D)……

Mini car (A00 class): The wheelbase of the mini car is between 2000mm and 2300mm, the body length is within 4000mm, and the engine displacement is about 1.0L. Mini cars are small in size, low in fuel consumption, and cheaper in price. They are more suitable for transportation. Young people who have just come out to work are the most important consumer group. Their representative models are Suzuki Alto, Chery QQ,  BYD F0, honda brio and so on…

Small cars (A0 class cars): Small cars have a wheelbase between 2300mm and 2500mm, a body length between 4000mm and 4300mm, and an engine displacement between 1.0L and 1.5L. Representative models include Honda Fit, Toyota Vios, etc…

Compact cars (Class A cars): The wheelbase of compact cars is between 2500mm and 2700mm, the body length is between 4200mm and 4600mm, and the engine displacement is between 1.6L and 2.0L. Its representative models are Audi A3, Master 3, Volkswagen Magotan, etc…

Medium-sized car (B-class car): The wheelbase is between 2700mm and 2900mm, the body length is between 4500mm and 4900mm, and the engine displacement is between 1.8L and 2.4L. Its representative models include Volkswagen Magotan, Honda Accord, etc…

Medium and large vehicles (C-class vehicles): The wheelbase of medium and large vehicles is between 2800mm and 3000mm, the body length is between 4800mm and 5000mm, and the engine displacement exceeds 2.4L. Its representative models include BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, etc…

Luxury cars (D-class cars): The wheelbase exceeds 3000mm, the body length exceeds 5000mm, and the engine displacement exceeds 3.0L. Its representative models include Mercedes-Benz S series, Lexus LS and so on.

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