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The Effects of Adult Diabetes

For any person who is diabetic, it is of paramount importance that he keeps track of levels BloodSugar Formula Review of his blood sugar. This should not be mush of a problem if one uses a glucose meter; commonly known as glucometer or simply a glucose monitor. Unlike glucose test strips, glucometers are quite cheap. This is especially so if you consider the fact that one may want to test the sugar levels more than once in a single day and in each case, a new strip will be required.

Did you know that if you are diabetic and has a health insurance cover you can get free glucometer and even test strips? Insurance companies are now required by law to take care of diabetes treatment. Eighty percent of the things a diabetic needs, such as the glucometer, test strips, batteries and lancets are normally provided under medical care. These supplies are offered for free by some companies to diabetics with private insurance covers or receiving Medicare. The Financial Assistance Hardship Program is a good option for people who do not health insurance holders and operate on a low-income.

If you are a Medicare or an insurance holder, you can easily get a free glucometer. All you will need to do is fill an online order form from a company offering these services and then mail it to them. In this form, they may require your policy number, name of your doctor and may be a glucometer prescription.



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