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It’s widespread for the elderly to contract illnesses that result in the loss of bladder control, scientifically termed as incontinence. Aside from the emotional and financial burden of incontinence products, comfort is one aspect that they all vary in. So, although various products help collect the urine and prevent it from damaging furniture and clothes, one of the most common types is super absorbent underpads. They are more comfortable for the patient. It helps them go about their daily tasks without being constantly reminded of their shortcomings.

Causes for the loss of bladder control

Incontinence results from several illnesses and can be chronic or temporary based on the cause of the aforementioned illness. The loss level also varies from case to case, where some empty the contents of their bladder without their knowledge, and others deal with a bit of leakage from time to time. The main cause of this is the loss of control of the muscles in the urinary bladder, but here are a few other reasons and illnesses that result in the loss of bladder control:

  • Ones done by an accident regardless of the individual’s age or health sheet and typically don’t call for any medical attention nor the need for incontinence pads:
  • Stress incontinence is caused by extra strain like exercising, coughing, sneezing, or even laughing too hard.
  • Urge incontinence is often caused when the urethral sphincter is relaxed and is unable to go back to its contracted state on command and stop the flow of urine due to the need to heed the urge.
  • Dribbling, also often termed as overflow incontinence, occurs when the individual is unable to or hasn’t completely emptied their bladder’s contents, allowing some excess to drip out later unknowingly.
  • Ones caused by the complete or partial long-term loss of bladder control
  • Aging: This is a common occurrence that results in weakened bladder muscles
  • Accident: Any physical damage to the pelvic floor muscles that result in the break of the flow of information from the brain to the bladder muscles
  • Prostate: In many males, an enlarged prostate can be the main cause
  • Some other causes include
  • Constipation
  • Kidney stones
  • Bladder cancer
  • UTI’s
  • A side effect of certain stronger drugs or sedatives

How Are Underpads More Useful Than Other Incontinence Products?

To start, underpads come in various types, including a large range of sizes and levels of absorbency maxing out at super absorbent underpads and the amount of time and frequency of usage and change of the underpads such as washable or disposable underpads. Some disposable underpads 30×36 come with an adhesive backing that prevents spillage and assures the underpad’s security and immobility from the floor, bed, wheelchair, couch, or car. Thus, underpads are extremely useful because they are not limited to protecting your possessions only from the elderly who are ill but also from children or any other spills.

What Are Underpads Made Of?

 Adult underpads mimic a baby changing sheet in many ways. They are soft and absorbs the moisture away from the body. It does not irritate the skin’s surface, and the absorbent poly-beads in the middle convert the fluid into gel. The absorbent material is either made from fluff wood pulp or hydrogel. Apart from preventing staining of household items, they also inhibit bacterial growth and eradicate foul odor. The disposable kinds are often used in nursing homes and hospitals where a new underpad is placed for each patient that comes to prevent leakage or cross-contamination. Thus, whether the underpads are disposable or reusable, they are a great find for any patient suffering from incontinence that wants to get on with their daily chores without the fear of looking like or being treated like a baby.

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