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James Wan has created a ton of horror characters to make the Conjuring Universe more and more interesting for the fans. The essential hallmark of any right franchise is building the proper world around it with well-defined characters. And the Conjuring succeeded in creating it very well. We all have our favorite character from the franchise. We will try to rank the characters based on likability in this article. Some might like the investigator like Warren for his ability to root up the demons like Annabelle. Some might enjoy the scary and thrilling experience of the overall movie.

Conjuring is an American supernatural horror film written by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes and directed by James Wan. The pre-production of the film started in January 2012. And initially, the movie was named as The Warren File which later retitled as The Conjuring. The film was based on the real-life experiences of a married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. They had investigated the different paranormal events. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga played the roles of the couple investigators. Then from February 2012, the filming started, and it took place in chronological order. The Conjuring was released in Canada and the United States on 19th July 2013. The movie was produced by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures. The second sequel of the film titled The Conjuring 2 was released on 10th June 2016, and the third project of the series titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is scheduled to release on 4th June 2021. So before getting into the characters, let’s recall the summary of the plots.

The plot of the first movie began with a family in the year 1971. The family included a married couple Roger and Carolyn Perron, with their five daughters Cindy, April, Nancy, Christine, and Andrea. They moved into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, but their dog, Sadie, refused to enter. The family started to experience paranormal activities from the very first night. All the clocks stopped at 3:07 AM, Sadie was found dead in the backyard. And birds were flying into their windows. Carolyn heard unusual clapping in the hallway. And later, she got trapped by the spirits in the basement. On the other side, Cindy and Andrea were attacked by a spirit in their bedroom.

After these traumatic experiences, Carolyn decided to contact demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. The two were famous for investigating a possessed doll called Annabelle. Warrens agreed to help the family, and they examined the house. Warrens suggested that the home requires an exorcism. And they can only perform the process with the permission of the Catholic Church. They found out that the house belonged to a witch, Bathsheba Sherman. She sacrificed her little child and then killed herself at 3:07 AM after cursing all who would take her land. She possessed Carolyn’s body by vomiting her blood into Carolyn’s mouth. And the rest of the movie revolves around how the family and Carolyn got rid of the spirit.

The second sequel of the franchise was released in 2016. The plot of the story was set in 1976. It began with Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating the murders at the Amityville house. They were investigating if the killing of Ronald DeFero Jr. and his family happened for demonic presence in their home. Lorraine was able to draw a vision where she could relive the murders. She followed the spirit of one of the children to the basement, where she encountered the demonic figure nun. And the rest of the story is whether the investigators succeed in stopping any further damage by the evil spirit.

Lorraine Warren

Lorraine Warren is one of the demonologists among the investigator couple. She fought alongside her husband Ed, to expel the forces of darkness. She helped the victims and Ed to investigate paranormal activities with the help of her gift of clairvoyance. She was gifted by psychic powers, which allowed her to access astral projection and specific memories.

Lorraine was very protective of her clients, and she had a soft corner for children. She got involved in the case and with an antagonistic spirit more than Ed. But despite that, she never turned back from her profession.

Edward “Ed” Warren

Ed Warren was a loving husband, a responsible father, and a gifted paranormal investigator. The audiences have witnessed many events where he risked his life to protect the clients in the second sequel, The Conjuring II. Besides that, he was also known for his excellent detective skills, which he used to help the victims from further damage by the evil spirit.

Sister Irene

Sister Irene first appeared in the movie The Nun. The young woman had unique psychic powers. She worked with Father Burke. By using her ability of clairvoyance, she rooted out the demonic spirit within the abbey’s labyrinthine corridors.

She helped to identify the spirit of Valak, by her gifted power to see “unseen people.” Although in the end, she got possessed and became the Valak spirit’s human vessel.

Carolyn Perron

Carolyn Perron was the matriarch of the family. She protected her children and family from the evil spirit of the house. They never imagined they have to battle for life after moving into the farmhouse. Unfortunately, she was possessed by the evil spirit Bathsheba, whose ultimate goal was killing her children. Then Warrens helped her and the family to save the children and Perron herself from Perron.

Father Burke

The character was first introduced in the movie The Nun. Father Burke was a priest with a penchant for exorcisms. He came to save Sister Irene when the evil spirit of Valak attacked her. Father Burke was brave and, who was not afraid of anything, put himself in the front line to Save Irene from Valak. However, the spirit almost managed to bury him alive. The above was our list of most likable characters of the franchise of The Conjuring. I hope you had a good time reading this article.

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Source-The Conjuring Universe, Ranked By Likability

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