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Some guests will approach wedding DJs in Melbourne or even elsewhere to ask whether or not they take song requests. This question sounds odd most times as it’s assumed that the professionals do – and have to – take song requests. Unlike club and bar scenes in which either the DJ or/and the establishment dictate music programming. Taking song requests is an excellent means for a DJ to obtain insights and understand what the specific group – or specific night desires to hear. But some guests are serial requesters and thus bombard DJs with their requests thus annoying the DJ. So, this article offers the major dos and don’ts of wedding song requests.

Don’t ask to see what songs the DJ has

Though it might sound startling, some DJs carry tens or even hundreds of thousands of songs in their library. And mostly, they are all songs that could possibly be played at a wedding. Song requests work a lot better when you have a particular song in mind. It tells the DJ that you truly desire to dance to the song.

Do make your requests much earlier in the evening

At weddings they perform at, the foremost DJs always encourage guests to place their requests during the dinner and cocktail periods. This is for two key reasons: it enables them to know the genres guests desire to dance to on that specific night, and it gives them time to work out how to integrate the requested song into their mix. In fact, this is among the skills that separates the foremost wedding DJs in Melbourne or even elsewhere. Alternatively, some certain song requests are much better suited during dinner and that gives the DJ the chance to work the song in where it’s most appropriate.

Don’t expect your requested song to be played instantly

Excellent DJs are artistic performers who play music that the dance floor desires to hear while creatively mixing songs. They aren’t jukeboxes. Just because the DJ will not play your requested song next, or even within the coming couple of minutes, does not mean that he will not play it at all. If the song you requested is an excellent one, the DJ will eventually get there while on the musical journey he’s taking you people on, and that’s a promise.

Do know the name of your requested song. And preferably, the artist too

When DJs perform at a wedding, they sometimes make some pretty fast transitions – it is rare to see them play some songs in their entirety. While a song is playing, they must figure out the next song they will mix in, out, and line its speed and tempo up to the song that’s currently playing – experts call it beat-matching.

Don’t be vague when making your request

Play me something from the 70s narrows things down, but it does not tell the DJ whether you mean dance pop, new wave, hip-hop, or rock. At least, provide a genre or/and band or artist the DJ can work with.

When it comes to placing song requests with wedding DJs in Melbourne or elsewhere, these are the foremost dos and don’ts. The last thing to remember is ‘do dance to your request’.

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