When you think of the roof on your home, it’s not unusual to assume that all will be good until it hits the end of its lifespan and then you simply replace. While this can happen, it’s also important to note that normal wear and tear and damage caused by inclement weather and other issues can occur. So, with that said, what are the most common roofing problems you should be aware of and prepared to act upon should they happen? Let’s take a look.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are actually more common than you may have thought. These can occur due to normal wear and tear as the roof ages, and they can also happen due to a bad storm that had strong winds which led to debris landing on the roof. While it may not seem like a big deal to be missing one or two shingles, the fact is that it affects the effectiveness of the roof. In other words, you increase the risks of getting water damage.

why you need a roof

Now, is your home going to start leaking the moment one shingle goes missing? Probably not, but the more that start to fall off or get blown off the roof, the higher the risk becomes. It may even start as a small leak that you don’t catch right away, and then grow to a larger leak. This is a great example of why you need a roof repair and some things related to it.

Poor Insulation

Here’s a problem that won’t just sneak up on you, or be caused by damage. Poor insulation is something that is there from the start and dates back to whoever installed the roof and the materials that were used. When the roof has poor insulation, you can run into all kinds of issues in the home, with the smallest being the fact you spend a fortune heating and cooling the house. Hot air will be lost and cool air will be able to seep in through the roof since it was never properly insulated.

What this means, unfortunately, is that you’re likely looking at starting fresh and having the roof insulated properly during replacement.

Water in the Home

If you’re seeing water running down the walls in your home, there’s a good chance that the roof is leaking. You can look for actual running water or signs of mildew and water stains to determine how new the problem is. The only good thing about this issue is that it tends to be a localized problem, meaning you can probably just have one section of the roof repaired rather than dealing with a total replacement.

Moss Growing on the Roof

This particular issue may be hard for you to see from the ground, so if you suspect moss is growing on the roof, it’s best to have a professional go up and take a look. Moss is usually a sign of pooling water or moisture build-up, so you want to be sure the moss is not only removed but the reason for it is also addressed. Because there are so many things that can go wrong with a roof, it’s a good idea to have regular inspections done, even on a yearly basis, just so that you can address issues early.

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