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Honda CRF150L is a brand new version of Honda CRF series, with all new appearance and functions. This is a small-capacity, dirt-oriented street-legal dual sports motorcycle from AHM, Indonesia.


Honda CRF150L is a new product of Honda CRF series. This is a sturdy street-legal off-road vehicle with a CRF badge. This series is mainly for off-road races, and the model only uses off-road motorcycles. The CRF string was unveiled in 2000 due to the success of the legendary Honda XR series.

Therefore, motorcycles are inherited from the XR series and have a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The larger CRF uses liquid cooling, while the smaller model uses an air-cooled engine for simplicity. In addition, the latest Honda Africa Twin belongs to this series and is the only model equipped with parallel twin engines.

YAMAHA of ACI Motor Company

Honda CRF150L was released in November 2017 and is equipped with a 150cc air-cooled engine. The motorcycle is developed and manufactured by Astra Honda Motor in Indonesia. It uses the latest latest features and ergonomic design to meet the needs of Asian trends and entry-level drivers. Therefore, it is in a stronger position in the competition of entry-level tail randomizers.

Appearance and design

CRF150L is consistent with the style of this series and has the same ergonomic design as standard MX bicycles. Therefore, it completely follows the real MX appearance and design. In addition, this is a street law series with standard headlights, taillights, signals and instrument panels. Due to the legal dual terrain profile of the street, a bikini extension has been added to the rear panel to provide better protection against dust.

So, at first glance, this is a full-size off-road vehicle, with larger wheels, larger wheel fenders and higher saddles. The bike has higher ground clearance and higher exhaust. .

The contour of the seat is very narrow, which is common in cross-country bicycles. Accordingly, the fuel tank is also narrowed due to the bikini fairing.

The bicycle is equipped with a standard horn and turn indicator and an exhaust heat shield. Here, the longer front fork looks very beautiful, with golden skin and raised wheel covers and smooth suspension guards. Therefore, the motorcycle is generally very decent and beautiful, not to mention, but this is completely iconic for the CRF series.

Frame, wheel, brake and suspension system

Honda CRF150L is a small-capacity off-road vehicle whose design is inspired by the quarter-liter CRF250L. The machine’s reputation is the semi-double cradle-style steel truss. The steel pipe support frame is characterized by lighter weight, but strong enough to cope with unforeseen towing conditions.

As a full-size profiled bicycle, the wheels are measured using standard off-road motorcycles. Therefore, the front of the wheel is 21 inches and the rear is 18 inches. Here, the rim is also a lightweight aluminum rim with an MX profile, and the tire is obviously a dual-purpose inner tube type tire.

In terms of braking system, both wheels of CRF150L are equipped with hydraulic disc brake system. The disks here are wave-shaped and ventilated, thick enough to cope with street and trail conditions. Correspondingly, the front of the disc is 240mm and the rear is 220mm, and they are placed on the counter of the cross.

In the suspension system, the machine is equipped with a very sensitive suspension type manufactured by SHOWA. Both suspensions have greater driving characteristics, 225mm at the front and 207mm at the rear. Here, the front suspension is an inverted telescopic type, and the rear suspension is an adjustable mono with a Pro-Link system.

Therefore, the lightweight frame, larger wheelbase and wheelbase make the motorcycle perform well on the streets and trails. In addition, better suspension settings with disc brakes give the bicycle the agility to perform perfectly on unpredictable terrain.

Engine Function and Performance

The new CRF150L is equipped with a refined engine developed according to the Honda Unicorn engine profile. The engine has been specifically analyzed for the dirt characteristics of CRF, thereby providing leading performance in the 150cc dual-sport category.

Therefore, the engine is a precise 149.15cc air-cooled four-stroke engine with SOHC 2 valves. The 57.3mmX57.8mm square engine has a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and can be supplied with fuel through the PGM-FI fuel injection system. Therefore, with the help of an all-transistor ignition system, the engine can more intelligently respond to different weather and altitude conditions.

According to Honda, this is a perfect beginner-level off-road vehicle that provides linear performance in the mid-RPM band. Therefore, the maximum power of this five-gear engine is 12.91PS and the torque is 12.43NM. Therefore, the motorcycle can handle different situations ingeniously. In this case, the electric starter and the traditional kicker can achieve more convenient operation.

Riding and handling functions

Honda CRF150L is an entry-level dual terrain machine with a lighter weight, with very convenient and comfortable riding functions. The lightweight and slender design and the impressive 122 kg curb weight make the operation feel excellent.

The motorcycle is equipped with complete upright riding equipment, including MX seats, tube handles and MX spikes. Therefore, riding on any terrain and street is effortless and comfortable. Here, a seat not to be missed. But it simplifies the very limited seating arrangement for one hundred people, which is very common in off-road vehicles.

After understanding the functions of this motorcycle, are you interested in buying it?

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