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One of the best films of the last decade, “Joker,” exists outside the storyline of DCEU and Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film. While it is difficult to include him in either of the franchises, Flash’s ability to travel to multiple universes might get him a few minutes in one of the future projects. But, many Joker fans would argue that it would be highly unnecessary.

Nevertheless, if there is any way Joaquin Phoenix can end up playing Joker in DCEU, it would only be through the multiverse timeline.

And, he is not part of Matt Reeves’s The Batman for the time being.

It should be noted that not being a part of DCEU will take nothing away from the legacy that “Joker” will leave behind. Phoenix’s depiction of a mentally challenged Joker earned him his first-ever Academy Award win. Todd Phillips’ exceptional work behind the scenes got him a well-deserved nomination in the Best Picture category.

Most of the Joker fans want the film to stay as a standalone film so that its legacy could never be tainted.

Meanwhile, Matt Reeves is making a standalone Batman movie, and just like Joker, its events will also have no connection with the DCEU. Although there are plans for more movies and a tv series based on Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon, it is highly likely all of that will depend on the performance of The Batman.

Fans’ demand for a Batman-Joker film has never been met since the 2008 film The Dark Knight. Many critics believe that there is a sense of fear among the filmmakers that a comparison with Christopher Nolan’s epic would be inevitable should anyone tries to recreate the onscreen rivalry. Nevertheless, fans are pushing for a Batman-Joker film. Their fanaticism has increased after the success of Joaquin Phoenix’ “Joker,” and even further since the trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been released on Youtube.

It looks like Todd Phillips had no interest in recreating that epic rivalry as he has shown no enthusiasm in making another Joker movie despite certain reports suggesting that Joaquin Phoenix is open to portray Joker again.

Joker is missing from Matt Reeves’s The Batman, and no recognized actor was seen playing Batman in the “Joker” standalone movie, but that does not mean that the two worlds should collide. There is a massive timeline gap that would make it impossible for Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix ever to share an on-screen rivalry.

It remains to be seen whether DC studio has any further plans for Joaquin Phoenix or not. Still, Flash-multiverse theory could very well bring him for an interesting cameo in any of the forthcoming projects. A film like “Joker” should always be left alone.

And that means now is the time Jared Leto steps up his game.

Source-That Joaquin Phoenix Can Play a Role in the DCEU

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