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Harry Potter is one of the most celebrated protagonists Hollywood has ever witnessed. Based on the series of novels by J.K Rowling, Harry Potter became a household name since it was adapted into a movie series with the same title. Many kids and adults idealized the top wizard and appreciated his skills. Many of the viewers undoubtedly wanted to go to the fantasy world of Hogwarts and live a life like Harry Potter. However, despite all the wizardry, popularity, and faith Harry Potter enjoyed, would it be easy to live a life like him? This article explores the opposite of delighting sides of Harry Potter’s character. In this article, we have listed the saddest things about the character of Harry Potter. Let’s scroll down and know the saddest things about Harry Potter. 

He Was An Orphan

Being an orphan is undoubtedly one of the saddest things about Harry Potter’s life. His parents, James Potter and Lily Potter, were killed by Voldemort when he was just an infant. Although Harry survived the attack of Voldemort, he had to spend his childhood at his aunt’s place, whereas we know, growing up was never easy for him. Harry was deprived of love in his childhood, and it is one of the saddest things about Harry Potter. 

He Didn’t Have A Peaceful Life

Harry, who lost his parents when he was just an infant, did not have a peaceful life. It started right there at his aunt’s place where growing up for him was hard, and he was seen as inferior. Although he enjoyed popularity and the reputation at Hogwarts, every year at school was a new challenge for him. He was always in mortal danger, and Voldemort was always after him, even in his dreams. Unlike other kids at school, Harry and his friends were always facing a new challenge before Harry managed to kill Voldemort, ultimately. So we can say that not having peaceful childhood and teenage years is one of the saddest things about Harry Potter. 

Ron Left Him… More Than Once

Ron and Harry Potter were best friends, and undoubtedly, Ron was the best thing that happened with Harry at Hogwarts. Their friendship remained unbroken till the end of the series, but there were instances when it seemed to be breaking. At times, it is visible that Ron was jealous of Harry. In one instance, in the fourth installment of the series titled Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Ron stopped talking to Harry, believing that Harry put his name in the Goblet of Fire without telling him. In another instance, Ron left Harry and Hermione when they worked together to figure out how to bring Voldemort down once and for all. Ron felt jealous and left. However, on both occasions, they united again, but it tells that Harry had ups and down in his friendships also. 

He Lost Many Other People

Apart from losing his parents as an infant, throughout the series, Harry lost many people who cared for him, and that is unfortunate for the character. Voldemort killed Harry’s parents when he was a baby, and later his godfather, Sirius Black, was killed by Bella Lestrange. Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts and Harry’s mentor, was also killed. As the series progressed, Harry also witnessed the loss of his dad’s friend, Remus Lupin. Dobby and Harry’s owl Hedwig were also closed to Harry, and he lost them. Losing loved ones one after another is an unfortunate thing about Harry Potter. 

He Watched Sirius Die 

One of the saddest moments in the Harry Potter series is when Sirius Black, Harry’s Godfather, is killed by Bella. Harry did not have to see all of his loved ones dying in front of his eyes, but he saw Sirius dying. He tried to save him but could not. What makes the situation worse is that somewhere Harry was responsible for Sirius’ death. Harry was tricked by visions. He was shown that Sirius is held by enemies, and they are about to kill him. Without checking if Sirius is safe at home or not, Harry went to the Department of Mysteries, and it is when Sirius had to come to save him, and it caused his tragic death. 

Harry Potter is one of the most fascinating protagonists in the history of books and films. However, his life was not easy. In this article, we have listed the saddest thing about Harry Potter. However, despite all these sad things and negativity in his life, he rose to become the hero and savior of everyone at Hogwarts, just like a perfect hero.

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