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Top 10 Common Mistakes That People Do To Their Skin

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Skincare is essential. It is trendy, especially in the mainstream beauty world. Though, this causes skincare to have positive and negative sides. First, having clear and smooth skin promotes good health. 

And that is you, protecting your body. The downside of this is some advice and tips that you may be following may not be suitable for you at all. It may lead to inflammation, irritation, acne breakouts, and worse, a dermatologist trip.

Everyone wants to have clear skin, no doubt about that. But what happens when what you are doing to your skin is not good at all? Here are the top ten common mistakes that people make to their skin.

Top 10 Things You May Be Doing Wrong With Your Skin

1. Not Washing Your Face

In those busy days where you forget to wash your face before going to bed, it may cause an acne outbreak. The dirt and germs stay for at least hours, and these may go to your sheets and pillowcases, too. It can be a never-ending cycle of having acne when you begin not to wash your face. 

Also, it is recommended to wash your face twice a day. Washing your face once at night isn’t enough most of the time. Washing your face in the morning, too, is necessary, particularly if you have oily skin. 

2. Overwashing And Over Exfoliating

Scrubs can make your skin peel quickly, as well as cleanse your skin, but you risk stripping your skin of its protective coating if you do this regularly. This may lead to a pimple outbreak. 

Exfoliating is expected to be completed once or twice a week. It is a vital move to get rid of all the disgusting, dead skin. Afterward, you will notice that your face will feel soft and smooth.

3. Not Using A Moisturizer

If you are an individual with a sensitive type of skin, it is essential to choose a cleanser appropriate for your skin type, one that is gentle and unscented. Skip the foaming cleaners that leave you with a squeaky clean feeling. Choose well-hydrating products that respect the skin barrier.

You must urgently use a non-alcoholic toner and moisturizer after cleansing. If you end up leaving your skin bare for more than one minute, you may suffer some consequences. 

Because when dry air drains moisture out of the skin, your skin will look dehydrated. It strips the skin of all its water. Quickly carry out your skincare routine and make sure to leave your toner damp on the skin still. This will keep the skin covered to stop feeling stiff and dry.

If you are a fan of Korean glass skin, you should follow a Korean skincare routine from morning to night. You can find Korean products online or at your local store. Achieving such a skin type is not impossible, especially if you know the secrets. 

4. Not Using Matting Wipes

The use of powder can clog the pores, especially in the summer. Try matting wipes rather than attempting to mask the oily shine with powder. They will not have a long-lasting effect, but they will at least remove excessive oil from the face without inserting anything. 

It is better than having your face powder clogging up your pores, especially if your skin type is oily.

5. Changing Cosmetics Frequently

Try to stick to one type only when it comes to cosmetics. Changing cosmetics frequently may cause an outbreak because not all products will work for you.

You do not see better outcomes with your skincare products because they are not ideal for your skin’s particular needs. Find out your skin type, and look for a product that is advisable with your skin type.

6. Not Removing Makeup

Many people already know this, but you should not go to your bed to rest and sleep with your makeup on. And you need a proper makeup remover for this because cleaning your face with water is not enough. 

Using a makeup remover like micellar spray, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm is safer. If you want the best for your skin, they are essential items.

7. Using Certain Types Of Essential Oils 

Many essential oils (and other fragrance-based products) are a source of allergies. It is a good idea to avoid them if you encounter rash or irritation.

8. Not Changing Sheets and Pillowcases

As stated in number one, dirt and dust may accumulate when you are not changing sheets and pillowcases. This is an essential tip, but you should change your sheets and pillowcases once or twice a week.

9. Not Applying Skin Care Products Before Sleeping

If you use night cream, serum, or mask, the skin will heal faster. The active ingredients in these items neutralize decorative cosmetics’ harmful effects and make your face look new.

10. Not Sleeping That Much

Not sleeping that much can cause your skin to look dull and dry. As much as possible, sleep early to wake up refreshed. If you are restored, the chances are that you may look blooming more than ever than the day before.


There are many issues when it comes to common mistakes that people make to their skin. Be one of those aware and have a straightforward, smooth skin journey along the way.

Louie is the father behind the travel blog Browseeverywhere.com. He has a background in photography, E-commerce, and writing product reviews online at ConsumerReviews24. Traveling full time with his family was his ultimate past-time. If he’s not typing on his laptop, you can probably find him watching movies.

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