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Gmail makes it easy to connect to your clients and colleagues and maintains the workflow. But at times, handling the Gmail inbox can get a bit challenging, especially when the Inbox overflows with emails. It can also get difficult to keep track of the mails and respond efficiently. One might even get confused and skip a mail thread, by mistake. To avoid any such situations, you can use a Gmail tool that suits your requirements. Following are some of the best options to look at:


ZenMails offers one of the best tools, i.e., Screener for your Gmail account. With Screener tools, all emails from a new or unknown sender will directly go to the Screener by default. From the Screener folder, you will get to assign the mail to a particular group, which will then apply to all the future messages from that sender. Inbox sends it to the Inbox, Ignore or Skip auto-archives and deletes it. There are four sections where you can divide the mail, i.e., Feed, PaperTail, Inbox, or any other existing label. The feed option is for newsletters, promotional emails, and the likes. While the PaperTrail is for receipts, bank or e-wallet notifications, and other transactions you want to track.

Under the Screener tool once a day, you can see your Inbox in a much neater and tidier space. Use Gmail’s built-in Move To feature to sort the mails in Screener. Since ZenMail operates locally from your browser, it does not transmit any information about you to any of their servers or third parties.


Flybox is a new, web-based Gmail client that is faster, simpler, and more enjoyable. It is the fastest and most fluid way to keep your Inbox clear as it gives your Gmail a similar makeover so that you can browse it as quickly as a social networking handle. Each email appears as a card, with the subject written in big, bold letters, the sender’s name and ID are highlighted, and you get a preview of the body text as well. It offers a much larger preview than Gmail’s default view so that you do not miss out on any message and get a clear view of the context as well.

Tap on any card to read the full email and unlock the options to reply, forward, archive, or label it. Star marks any message as an actionable item for later preview. It has a Snooze feature that makes your email disappear for a while, and it reappears in your Inbox after the snooze time is up.


Thrdzz is a free Chrome extension tool that will help you manage your email threads on an easy-to-use timeline, where you can quickly find relevant messages by date and sender. It transforms any thread with more than five emails with a powerful view panel to make email threads easy for you to understand. This will eliminate the task of searching around to trace back to a message again. With the date and participant combination, you can also check when someone was added to the conversation.

Say Less by Model Zoo

This tool will help you write small and significant mails. It offers all the latest advances in AI summarization technology directly in your Gmail compose window. Install its extension and manually compose or write an email as you usually do. Then, click on the black bar with the word count and select the paragraphs you want to reduce in size. Say Less will start working on it with its summarizing AI technology. After conversion, it will show you a before & after comparison of the mail content. It is available for free only if you use it for personal use on Chrome and Gmail.


If you are tired of all the newsletters you receive every week, Unsub is the perfect tool for your Gmail account. It adds an ‘Unsubscribe’ button above Inbox so that you can unsubscribe to all the emails at once. Select multiple messages and then click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button to clear all the current and past newsletters.

Instead of unsubscribing, it creates a filter that labels and auto-archives emails from the selected Email IDs. This way, you can check all the newsletters or emails and delete them all at once. Since Unsub works entirely in your computer, your data never reaches its server, and everything remains safe.

These were some of the most reliable tools that you can install for your Gmail account. These tools will surely come handy at one or other point of time.

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