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Presently, in the line-up of the Apple TV Plus, you will not find any older movies in their library. There are several reports from the media houses that claim there could be a change in this library soon. If you are the subscriber of the Apple TV Plus, then some original movies are available for you. If you get confused, which is the best Movies in their library, then here is a small list of the five films and some info about the upcoming movies in this blog.

The Banker

If you love the true story with action and drama, then this movie is best for you. Anthony Mackie and Samual L. Jackson are leading in this movie as they are playing the role of businessmen, and the story was set-up in the mid-1950s. In this story, you will find the two black men who will experience racist attitudes when they meet the other two white businessmen because they are also trying to set up their business in LA. Then they decide to hire a white man, which is played by Nicholas Hoult. This white man will act as the public face of the company. The story is about how they became successful businessmen and owners of real estate. The movie becomes incomplete without a twist, so when they decide to buy a bank in Texas, then some complications may arise.

In the whole library of Apple TV Plus, The Banker is considered one of the perfect and exciting stories that have the capability of engaging the audience and portraying a wired race relationship in the United States. Many of you even don’t hear about the black-white relationship, but after watching this movie, you will get to know about the issue.

Beastie Boys Story

It is a documentary which was directed by Spike Jonze. Those who know him, can relate him with the hip hop group created in 1993. The documentary talks about the group which was formed over 40 years and how they made their name in Hip Hop and music.

The Elephant Queen

If you love any movie or documentary, then you will love this documentary. The narration was given by an actor named Chiwetel Ejiofor. The documentary basically runs on the life of a female and only elephant in Kenya. The movie told you that the elephants have to move 200 miles in search of the water. According to the officials, the filmmakers have recorded some parts of the documentary over four years. The documentary will give you an amazing and exciting look, the biggest animal in the world.


It is a drama with a character named Hala. She is a teenage girl. She always tries to balance her life between her American friends in school and her typical Asian family. Geraldine Viswanathan is the actress who is playing the role of the teenage girl. Most individuals also watched her in other movies like The Package and some comic series. You will love her work in this movie.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

It is one of the animated movies which is on the grounds of the best-selling book for children by Oliver Jeffers. It is just more than an extended short film. Jacob Tremblay gave his voice a 7-year-old character who learns the wonders of the globe from his guardian or parents. You will be going to hear the voice of Chris O’Dowd and Ruth Negga as the parents of Jacob. As a narrator, Meryl Streep is the one who will bind the short film in a thread and make the movie entertaining for the parents and their kids both.

Upcoming: Greyhound

It is a story based on world war II starring Tom Hanks as the Navy Captain. He is the one who leads the fleet of Allied warships and carries his troops across the Atlantic. The fleet has to deal with a Submarine of Nazi u-beat that will destroy the boat ultimately. The movie was initially planned to be released by Sony Pictures in theatres in mid-June, which is now impossible. But according to the recent update, the film will be going to make its debut on the Apple TV Plus.  As such, there is no confirmed release date, but initially, the movie was set to be released on 12th June, so there are some speculations about the release date, but for sure Apple will announce the date soon. 

These movies are excellent, and you can see as a gift by the company to their subscribers. There are chances that Apple TV Plus will add old film in the line-up. But till then, enjoy these movies.

Source url:- https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/05/25/top-5-movies-that-you-can-watch-on-apple-tv-plus/

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