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Top 7 Bad Tenant Warning Signs

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Being a landlord and owning a rental property can be stressful if you have bad renters. The ideal situation for any landlord would be to never, ever have a terrible tenant. If only it were that simple. 

The truth is that you will come with a terrible tenant at some point during your journey. In this article, we’ll go over several warning signs to look for in order to avoid letting problematic tenants into your home, as well as what you can do if one does fall through the cracks.

While prevention is always preferable to cure, such as having a diligent screening, even the most thorough vetting process may fail to uncover low-quality tenants. With this in mind, what are the telltale indications of a terrible renter, and how can you, as a landlord, effectively deal with them?

Tenant Refuses to Pay Rent

Unfortunately, this is a regular issue in any rental house and such a headache if you are a landlord. The tenant may not have the financial means to pay the rent on time for a variety of reasons, but if they refuse to pay rent at all, they are clearly ineligible for eviction.

It’s crucial to be able to communicate successfully with the tenant. Try to figure out why they’re not paying the rent. Explain to them your specific policy on late rent fees and procedures and how you provided them with a copy of the rules included in their rental agreement. If they continue to refuse to pay rent, a section outlining eviction processes should be included.

Constantly Looking For Issues 

If you’ve completed all necessary repairs and readied your property to rent out in top condition, but a possible renter keeps pointing out various “problems” during your open house or viewing and still submits an application, avoid them!

This is a significant warning signal for someone who is difficult to satisfy and will want things all the time during their tenancy. Please be aware that they will frequently be unpleasant while pointing out these perceived flaws, which may or may not be true concerns; they will mainly be pointing out matters for the sole purpose of complaining.

Shows Tardiness and Excuses

If a candidate is late for a viewing session and their excuse appears indifferent or made up, it could suggest a lack of ability to accept responsibility for their errors. If they are quick to make excuses, expect them to adopt the same strategy if they cause damage to your property or if you confront them about not cleaning up their unit after they move out.

This could also indicate that they are completely clueless about how their actions affect others, which is not the attitude you want from someone you want to look after your rental while they are residing there. People will inevitably make errors, but how they respond to them can reveal a lot about their character. Thoroughly think if you should accept these types of tenants. 

Tenants Damage The Property

A property’s normal wear and tear are to be expected. Unexpected, recurring property damage, on the other hand, can quickly add up! Water damage, holes in the walls, and oil stains on the carpet can all quickly render a home unsellable on the open market.

You don’t need to bother your tenants if they pay their rentals on time, never complain, and let you into the property whenever you need it, but if you see that your property is being damaged excessively, you might be dealing with nasty tenants. Confront these tenants and show them the rental agreement and rent policy they need to remember. 

Creates Unhappy Neighbors 

It’s possible that the neighbors, not the tenants, are the ones who are constantly complaining. If you’re regularly getting complaints from neighbors complaining about loud noises, disrespectful behavior, or anything else, you’re dealing with a lousy tenant. The best course of action is to speak with the renter directly about the issue. However, don’t tell them who complained against them because this could lead to a nasty neighbor-on-neighbor brawl.

Instead, just inform your tenants that they have been the subject of several complaints and ask them to be considerate of their neighbors. If the problem persists, remind them that you have the legal authority to evict them.

Tenants Make Inappropriate Remarks

They make any inappropriate statements, particularly regarding other tenants or neighbors in the complex. The type of casual remarks someone makes might reveal a lot about them. This is especially true if the viewing is taking place in a home that is still occupied and the person does not respect the privacy of those who are already residing there or makes comments about the existing residents’ personal belongings.

Perhaps they don’t do a good job hiding their bad temper or disdain for people or property. What will they be like after they move in and feel at home if they can’t be respectful during a property viewing? Viewings should be straightforward. They shouldn’t make you feel uneasy or like everything is a battle.

They Are Refusing Access

You should include a condition in your leasing agreement indicating that the tenant must enable you reasonable access to inspect the property on a regular basis to ensure that they haven’t turned it into a drug den or cannabis production. 

This might seem funny, but you should conduct maintenance checks at least once every six months, so if they are continually refusing to let you into the property, it’s possible they have something to conceal. You should inform them that refusing to allow you to see the property violates their leasing agreement, which is grounds for eviction.


Don’t just accept anyone! It is critical to conduct due diligence on anyone with whom you are in contact regarding your residence. Your property is like a child to you, and you must safeguard it at all costs. Being vigilant does not mean going overboard or being too emotional. It is necessary.

You don’t want to be unfair and misjudge individuals, so be careful. Before you welcome someone, make sure you ask yourself this question: have I done everything I can to determine whether this person will be a source of more stress or a breath of fresh air? When you are doing the right process, you might avoid these bad tenants.

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