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If you are an emerging artist in the world of music, there are many challenges that you may have to face. One of these challenges is the distribution of music. As an independent artist, you can upload your music to YouTube and share your music on various social media sites, but you can not take your music to all prominent music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, etc. This is the challenge every independent artist usually faces. If you are facing the challenge and are not sure about which digital distribution platform to go for as an independent artist, you will get a solution here.

Many new digital distribution platforms are attracting new artists. Some artists make hasty decisions in the selection of digital distribution platforms and later find themselves trapped in difficulties. Some digital distribution platforms take much time to approve songs. All these things cause a nuisance to a serious artist. If you are looking for the right music distribution platform to promote your music, the best digital distribution platforms have been listed below.


Amuse is one of the best digital distribution platforms. It distributes your music to all prominent music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, and Amazon Music. Amuse keeps offering discounts to its users. It made its entry into the world of music distribution in 2015. It is considered to be an international record label that promotes emerging artists and helps them reach more audiences. The best thing to say about this great digital distribution platform is, it offers free service also. If you are interested in distributing your music to some prominent music stores, you can try out Amuse.

 Another good thing about Amuse is that you don’t need to access your browser every time to check the status of your earning or pending releases. Amuse has launched the app. You can download the app and create an account with Amuse. After you have created an account with Amuse, you can distribute as many tracks as you want. But the free plan has some limitations that may bother you. The free plan takes about 30 days to approve a song. Content ID is not available in the free plan. In addition to it, you won’t be able to split royalties. Only a single artist is allowed in the free version. If you want to get rid of all these limitations, you may have to cough up a few bucks.


RouteNote is an amazing digital distribution platform. RouteNote has established a good reputation among emerging artists. It takes about 14 days to approve a song. It offers both free and paid plans. If you choose the free plan, you will get 85% of the whole earning. They will keep 15% of your earnings. If you go for a paid plan, you will get full earnings. The great thing about RouteNote is, you will get a reply from RouteNote within 24 hours. RouteNote is functional from Monday to Friday.

RouteNote offers Content ID monetization for free so that you can earn money when your music is played in any video on YouTube. RouteNote generates the topic page on YouTube for each track it distributes on behalf of an artist. Whether you choose the free plan or paid one, RouteNote is worth it. If you are an emerging artist, you can go for RouteNote without worrying about anything.


Distrokid is one of the most popular platforms for distributing music all over the world. It helps an emerging artist distribute his or her music to all prominent music stores. Also, the service is quick. The company offers Content ID monetization so that you get both credit and revenue whenever your music is played in any video on YouTube. If you are interested in earning revenue from streaming, downloads, and views, you can go for Distrokid. In terms of service, Distrokid is always appreciated. If you love Distrokid, you can opt for it. But keep in mind that Distrokid offers no free plans. Go for it if it suits your pocket.


Magroove is one of the best digital distribution platforms. It distributes your music to over 40 music stores. In addition to it, it creates a T-shirt of the artist’s name and photo. It is making great efforts to promote new artists. It takes about 8 days to approve a song. To distribute your music on all music stores, all you have to do is just create an account with Magroove by filling in all the accurate details. When it comes to sending a song to Magroove, you can do it by visiting the site. Fill in all the details such as the names of a musician, an artist, and other details that are required by Magroove. Keep artwork in the required size. Upload your song in good quality. It should be in WAV or MP3 format and must be 320kbps.

All the digital distribution platforms on the list will make your journey easy. If you think that music distribution is a difficult phase in your emerging career, the platforms mentioned above will help you out.

Source-Top Digital Distribution Platforms to Promote Your Music

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