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With the increase in competition and so many opportunities, many of the companies are feeling pressure to create more and more content. Content creators are looking for new platforms and ideas for creating the content. This has caused digital asset management vendors to add new features that evolve them from a niche media solution to one of the key parts of the marketing tech stack.

If you are facing a similar problem then consider the listed below advantage to know why a media asset management system is important for you: 

  1. You cannot easily find the content you are looking for: 

One of the key functions of any asset management system is that the content must be easy to search. Otherwise, if you cannot find your content efficiently, you will get frustrated, waste time and money on duplication of effort. It will slow you down, delay projects, make your customers angry, and a whole host of ensuing problems. Metadata and other tags can be added to the content, making refinement of search results possible.

  1. You have projects on hard drives only:

Keeping content only on hard drives is data suicide. Even keeping backups on multiple drives is not wise either, because without a management system behind it you are just multiplying your headaches. If one drive should fail, are you going to remember which drive has the backup? The key distinction between a backup and an archive is this – archive systems have brains that keep track of where your content is, while a backup is just a backup.

  1. You have stacks of videotapes on your library shelf and have no idea what is on them:

If your library looks like an endless stack of tapes and you have no idea what to do with them, here is one suggestion. Get them digitized. Once you have content digitized all sorts of miracles can occur. You can preview, edit, search, store, manage, re-purpose and share them. Ingest is the process of digitizing video and other content into a DAM (Digital Asset Management) or MAM (Media Asset Management – for video content typically) system. Once the content is ingested, effective management becomes possible.

  1. You lost content with no backup:

You think it will never happen to you, but when it does occur it really bites. Hard drives do fail, and if you have no backup data is gone forever. At best, you might have a restoration service try to recover the content off the hard drive, but there are no guarantees. It is better to be safe than sorry – invest in a MAM system. There are many cost-effective solutions and there is a solution to fit every budget.

  1. Your workflow is disorganized, inefficient with content on disparate systems: 

You have multiple groups working on the same project, but there is a lack of communication such that mistakes and delays occur. There are multiple storage systems that are not networked together, and there is no central management system either. Content is all over the place, with some unaware of where key clips are. One group duplicates the efforts of another, wasting time and money. A central MAM or DAM system eliminates all of these problems.


A central MAM can coordinate the delivery of content over the wire securely. DVDs and other media can wind up in the wrong hands, so direct electronic delivery is much safer. A MAM/DAM system can determine who can see what content (asset or group permissions).

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