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Top iOS 14.4 Features that You’re Going to Use Daily

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Apple Makes the best devices, and their iPhone and iPad devices are now more capable and can do multiple tasks at once seamlessly. Current iPadOS and iOS are holding incredible features which are now making iPad and iPhone devices more powerful. The latest iOS and iPad update brought several extra security features and display and apps customization features.

There’s also a ProRaw feature for iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This new feature is capable of taking stunning photos. If you love photography, you can try out this ultimate feature to capture incredible images for your photo frames. However, this isn’t the only great thing about iOS 14.4, and you can explore more incredible features if your iPhone is running on iOS 14.4 or above.

New Home Screen Features

If you have updated your iOS version to at least 14.4, then you may have seen an app drawer. This new app drawer feature is useful when it comes to keeping the home screen clean and not filled with app icons. If you don’t use any specific app pretty much, you can place it in the app drawer without uninstalling it. App Drawer will keep that certain app in its app section and remove it from the actual home screen. You can open the App Drawer and open that app once again without any hassle.

Customize Your App Icons

Say no to the same old app icons because Apple has added the feature of customizing app icons. Now with the help of the Shortcut app, you can change the app icon. If you don’t like the Mail app icon, you can change it and set any object icon, animal image, anime image, or anything you like. You can change the icons of every app you prefer. This feature is worth exploring, so if your iPhone is running on iOS 14.4 or above, try out the customize app icon feature.

Get Fit with Fitness Plus

For fitness lovers, Fitness Plus subscription is really going to bring revolution. People who want to or don’t want to go to gyms can take suggestions from expert trainers worldwide. Fitness Plus is packed with a huge number of workout, cardio, yoga, and many more fitness activities videos. If you want to take your fitness level to the next level, you should definitely try out this subscription.

Deleting Apps is Now No More Confusing

Indeed, the old method of uninstalling or deleting apps was way too time-consuming and difficult sometimes. But Apple made it simple for those users whose iPhone is running on iOS 14.4 or above. Now you simply need to tap and hold on to a certain app, and then you can select multiple apps to delete from your iPhone. By following this new feature, you uninstall apps from your device in no time.

Change Your Default Mail and Browser

If you’ve been using an iPhone and iPad, you may have known that your default browser and the mail app are Safari and Mail. While searching anything, the Safari app automatically opens up, even if you don’t want to open it, and the same thing goes with the Mail app. However, this isn’t going to happen again if you change your default browser and mail app. iOS 14.4 or above, you can change your default browser and mail app effortlessly. Just open Settings and move into your preferred browser settings. Choose that browser as your default browser and follow the same step to change the default mail app in the mail app settings.


Features that are mentioned above are not the only new features on iOS 14.4. There are still plenty of many incredible features available that users can explore and use to their advantage. Above all these things make sure to check the ProRaw feature on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will bring elegant color and bring more details once the photo is captured.

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