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Top Reasons for using Reusable Shopping Bags

Visiting a grocery store means having to make use of a shopping bag of some kind. Some of the common options available at most stores include paper and plastic bags. There is also the option of using reusable bags that you can carry along when visiting a supermarket or grocery store.

Several countries around the world are trying to raise awareness and the need to use recyclable or reusable bags. There are many benefits of using reusable bags, one of the biggest reasons to reduce the amount of pollution. This article goes on to list many reasons why everyone should start using reusable shopping bags.

Top Reasons for using Reusable Shopping Bags

Conservations of resources: Plastic bags may seem light and small but they have a massive environmental footprint. This includes the energy it requires to make them as well as the large number of resources it takes. This includes the consumption of a large amount of oil and other material.

Avoid recycling issues: There is the option of using recyclable bags however; special arrangements need to be made to recycle bags as well. This includes recycling equipment as well as other resources. Some of the problems of using recyclable bags include bags clogging machinery or getting stuck in conveyor belts.

Wildlife protection: Besides causing a great deal of pollution, the plastic-bags cause a great deal of damage to the plants and animals as well. It is believed that over 100,000 marine animal deaths occur due to plastic-bags every year. It also affects animals on land since bags tend to get trapped in trees causing the death of many animals.

Control the level of pollution: Plastic products cause a great deal of pollution and have devastating effects on the environment. Plastic bags once used are not always disposed of in the right manner; while many of them are disposed of correctly others find their way into rivers, streams, oceans and also are found floating around in the neighborhood. The ones that do successfully reach a landfill take somewhere between 15 to 1000 years. This can very easily be prevented by using reusable shopping bags.

Economical: The use of plastic-bags is no longer free in many places around the world. Although shoppers are given the option of using plastic bags it comes at an extra cost. The usage of plastic-bags can amount to a lot of money every month when charged. On the other hand, investing in a reusable bag that can be useful for many different purposes would work out more economically.

Reusable bags are more reliable: The plastic bags are not as reliable as the reusable ones since they tend to tear if filled with very heavy products.

Multipurpose: A reusable grocery bag can be used for many different purposes besides simply for groceries.

Avoid creating a clutter: The plastic bags from shopping at grocery stores tend to create a big clutter in the house as well as your car. For example, one average one would be taking home 5 bags a week for food and groceries which works out to 260 bags a year. These plastics bags often clutter the kitchen cabinets and pantry and take up a lot of space and end up cluttering your house.

Eco-friendly: The reusable bags are eco-friendly since they require a lot less energy to manufacture and are reused, unlike plastic bags which cause a great deal of pollution.

More fashionable: When it comes to reusable shopping bags, there is the option of selecting the style and design. You can be as hip and trendy as you wish with the option of selecting several bags with different designs.


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