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It’s nearly impossible to compete with the RPG game when it comes to weapons. RPG games’ virtue is the most significant reason behind their enormous success in the past few years. More importantly, there are several activities that gamers can perform in RPG games instead of accomplishing its objective. One of these activities, which is drawing a lot of attention these days, is to obtain an OP weapon in an RPG game. Those who are not familiar with OP weapons; these are the armaments that are overpowered, known as OP in RPG. 

There are numerous OP weapons available in RPG games; however, quite a few have proven successful. Here in this blog, we will brief the gamers about the top ten OP weapons available in the RPG games. Read this article to know which spot your favorite OP weapon has acquired in our list.

Best OP Weapons in RPG Games

Heavy Bowgun

On the top of our list is Heavy Bowgun, an infamous OP weapon of Monster Hunter: World. Precisely, this is the only Weapon in this list that doesn’t have a drawback. The Weapon is quite easing to handle; however, gamers need to master using it and consume a lot of time. Besides, all the gamers should use Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter: Word to enhance the gaming experience.

Leviathan Axe

The majestic world of God of War is based upon an RPG genre and is better known amongst gamers for its Leviathan Axe. This Weapon is the best alternative for gamers who are looking to confront Mjolnir. The God of War is inscribed on various places that Leviathan Axe is the most potent Weapon in the Nine Realms.


This OP weapon belongs to Witcher 3 and has entered its premises lately through Blood and Wine DLC. Since then, the game has again acquired the attention of new gamers. The primary attribute that makes Aerondight an OP weapon is getting a power inflation every time gamer’s kill someone with it.

Prismatic Hammer

Satisfaction comes with perfection; the Prismatic Hammer in the Outer Worlds is the epitome of perfect Weapon. This lethal hammer can thrash out the most dreaded enemies of this game in a single hit—players of Outer Worlds who haven’t tried the overpowered skills of Prismatic Hammer.


Gamers who play Skyrim should know about Wabbajack, one of the most potent weapons of that game. Wabbajack is immensely powerful and thus becomes the ideal weapon choice of Skyrim’s players. However, this Weapon potency is quite hard to handle due to this, and several self-hurting incidents have been recorded since Wabbajack has been added to Skyrim.

Buster Sword

The next Weapon in our list belongs to one of the most popular RPG franchises, Final Fantasy. Buster Sword, a prime weapon of Final Fantasy VII, which is a massive blade of 6 ft length. The Weapon is proficient in slaughtering its enemies. However, due to its gigantic size, Buster Sword sometimes creates many problems for the players, but still, it is the most preferred OP weapon in the world of Final Fantasy VII.


It takes several gems to craft a Keyblade in the majestic RPG world of Kingdom Hearts. Buster Sword inspires Keyblade; however, it is blessed with various special powers. The Weapon is considered as the best OP weapon of Kingdom Hearts, and we advise if any player of this game hasn’t tried confronting their enemies with Keyblade as a companion, then seriously they are missing a lot of fun.


Science-fiction usually defines best by exemplifying Star Wars. The next Weapon on our list is from the Star Wars theme-based RPG game. The Lightsaber, the Weapon originally belongs to the franchise’s story context and is likely to be considered one of the ideal weapons ever to exist. Thanks to the franchise, who has already popularized Lightsaber and later on, video game developers overpowered it to inflate its devouring skills.

Master Sword

Despite being a fantastic RPG game, Legend of Zelda fell short to climb expected success milestones in its initial days. However, when Master Sword stepped into its premises, things have started changing for Legend of Zelda. The Weapon is now on every gamer’s mind, especially when gamers get to know about King Arthur’s characteristics.


On our list, the next Op weapon belongs to perhaps the best RPG game in the world; Fallout. The Weapon is known as MIRV, aka Nuclear planter that can launch eight mini nuclear bombs consecutively. MIRV is enough to vandalize 1000-acre lands in a single shot; its immense power is the sign that it is one of the most potent OP weapons in the world of RPG games.


OP weapons have become a significant context of various debates going-on amongst the gamers. Players who are still unaware of OP weapons and their aspects should read this article. Moreover, in this article, we have created a list of the top ten best OP weapons in the RPG games. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

source: Top Ten OP Weapons in RPG Games

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