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Top Vegetarian and Vegan picks in the Maldives

On an island that is famous for its staple diet of Fish and coconut, it is quite hard to find good vegetarian food. This seafood paradise has somehow developed and evolved its way through delicious vegan and vegetarian options too. The endless palm beaches, turquoise crystal waters, luxurious resorts and of course dramatic landscapes. Words will always fall short to describe this natural wonder. Be it a restaurant in the city or the resorts, you will surely want to do your research well if you are specific on vegetarian or vegan options. And even though a seafood paradise-like Maldives does not give a widespread option, you still have a handful of places to enjoy the vegetarian or vegan delicacies. Here are few options split across restaurants in the city and resorts which you can dine in.


  1. Atmosphere Kanifushi – this resort will not only prove to be the most luxurious option, but also one of the best places to dine in at a 100% vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant is the first vegetarian restaurant that exists, which has its roots in food connected to places like Arabic, Mediterranean and Indian. For all the Jains out there, you can feel very much at home here with their menu designed only for you. With so many options, you will get confused about what you want to eat. 

  1. Ayada Maldives – knows for its luxury and the beautifully designed interiors, this resort is home to one of the best salad bars. For a fine dining experience, you could head over to the Ocean Breeze Restaurant. Just let the resort know your food preferences and you will be blown away by what you get. Having won an award for their beautiful water villas, they still don’t fail to impress you with their food. 

  1. Soneva Fushi – listed on top of the resorts to stay in, this resort also makes its way on top of the vegan places to dine in. Not only do they have lip-smacking Japanese cuisine food, but they also have a wonderful range of vegan desserts. Apart from making your tummy rumble, they live by the principles of being planet-friendly too. 

  1. Kurumba Maldives – known to be one of the very first private islands in the Maldives, this place really stands out from the rest with respect to the design, activities and surely the vegan food. This resort is home to 8 dining outlets and 3 bars that give you various vegan menus that you would fall in love with each time you dine in. The guests who will pick this resort will have the option of ‘Dine Around All Inclusive’.


  1. Tandoori Flames – All the Indians who are itching to get a taste of comfort food, this place will make you feel at home. A typical buffet that serves starters, main course and ending the buffet with some traditional desserts. This place is known about the locals as North America's biggest typical Indian buffet. The dishes that you should not miss out on here are the Paneer Butter Masala and Palak Paneer.

  1. Bombay Darbar – I'd start by saying that the Shahi Veg Korma and Mushroom Makhani is to die for here. Capturing North Indian cuisine in the name of the famous city of Mumbai, this place is always crowded with both locals and tourists. Apart from serving lip-smacking north Indian delicacies, they also specialise in Chinese and Continental delicacies. Be sure to come early to avoid long lines for a table. 

  1. Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant – Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes that are pure vegetarian at a very respectable price is found here. You can dine in this restaurant two ways: either out in the open or inside with air conditioning. Either way, this place not only offers yummy vegetarian food but also wonderful ambience. Located in Fareedhee Magu, this restaurant is one of the most cost-effective places you can dine in.

  1. Pizza Mia – for all you pizza lovers out there, be sure to try Bologna here. You will thank me later. Even though you are on an island, the pizza cravings never go away. On one of such days in the city, you can dine in this place. Sit back and enjoy the English twist to your pizza made with delicious sauces. You can also pick out fresh drinks and desserts to top off your pizza break. 

Now you wouldn’t have to contemplate on which resort you would like to pick while choosing your Maldives Package. It’s easy once you figure this out after laying out your budget and number of days. Be sure to try the local cuisine if you are a die-hard foodie, as that will surely be an experience close to your tummy and of course the heart. This island will prove to be a food paradise too if you do your research well and narrow down on dining options!


Written by Swathi

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