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Hatchback is a very popular city car. Especially with its affordable price and stylish appearance, it has become the darling of young people with high self-esteem. In Indonesia, Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz both carry out fierce market competition with their sporty, modern and elegant characteristics. In particular, the bold, stylish, and elegant body language conveyed by the body lines is an important feature of the Honda Jazz. Compared with the Honda Jazz, the Toyota Yaris is more modern and can touch all levels of society. Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz are on the same level. This time, I will compare the specifications of these two cars, hoping to help consumers who are struggling with these two cars.

1. Price

Now, the Honda Jazz is available in four variants: Honda Jazz M/T, Honda Jazz CVT, Honda Jazz RS M/T and Honda Jazz RS CVT. Respectively, its price is within Rp. 250 million rupees-292 million. The price of Toyota Yaris is also roughly in this range, but it is slightly different. It is sold from Yap. Between 259 million rupees and 2.91 billion rupees. On its official page, this hatchback offers four options, namely GM/T type, G CVT, S TRD M/T and S TRD CVT.

Comparing the lowest version of the two, Toyota Yaris has a higher Rp price. 9 million, not Honda Jazz. Therefore, if you think you want a more affordable price, then Jazz looks better. However, if you compare the two from the highest rank, the Honda Jazz seems to be a bit more expensive than the Toyota Yaris, the difference in Rp. Only one million.

2. Body size

From a capacity point of view, both are 5-seater hatchbacks. However, there are still differences in the body size of the two cars.

The Toyota Yaris has a length of 4,145 mm, a width of 1,730 mm, and a height of 1,500 mm. The Honda Jazz appears to be smaller, with a height of 4,035 mm, a width of 1,694 mm and a height of 1,524 mm attested to this.

It does not stop there, the wheelbase size should also be considered, because it can determine the rear space of the cabin, especially the leg space of the passengers. In this case, the Toyota Yaris has a wheelbase of 2,550 mm, while the Honda Jazz has a wheelbase of 2,530 mm. From this we can find that the wheelbase of the Toyota Yaris is about 20 mm than the Honda Jazz. In other words, although it looks small, it also partially expands the passenger’s legroom, which has become one of the advantages of Toyota Yaris.

3. Function

In terms of driving mode, Toyota Yaris’s support function provides three driving modes, namely normal, ECO and sport. For Honda Jazz, he still relies on ECO Assist to achieve fuel efficiency indicators and cruise control.

Both are already using 16-inch rims and are already equipped with daytime running lights and fog lights.

In terms of multimedia functions, Toyota Yaris uses a new dashboard with a MID TFT screen and an infotainment screen that supports DVD/CD players, Bluetooth, Miracast and USB. Honda Jazz has an 8-inch larger infotainment screen and has extensive connectivity. Compared to Honda Jazz with Smart Touch, AC Toyota Yaris itself still uses physical buttons, even if it is in digital form.

Seen from AC. Compared with the Honda Jazz without this feature, the AC Climate Control owned by Toyota Yaris is an advantage. However, the adjustable forward steering wheel of the Honda Jazz cannot be found on the Toyota Yaris.

4. Engine performance

The next comparison of the specifications of Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz will discuss the engine performance of the two.

Toyota Yaris is equipped with a 1.5-liter dual VVT-I engine with a power of 107 hp and a maximum torque of 140 Nm. The torque is transmitted through the CVT gearbox, the same as before. Although the engine used by the Honda Jazz has a similar capacity (1.5 liters), it has a power of 120 hp and a maximum torque of 145 Nm. In this case, the engine produced by the Honda Jazz has a larger output, which is said to be due to the smaller body size of the Toyota Yaris.

5. Safety Function

The next comparison between Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz specifications is safety performance. Toyota Yaris provides 7 airbags while Honda Jazz only has 2 airbags. As a result, compared with the Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris is actually more complete and can provide all passengers with a better sense of safety.

On the other hand, Toyota Yaris has also won the improvement of safety features, such as providing ABS, EBD and BA brakes, as well as vehicle stability control and traction control. The vehicle also has a hill start assist system. At the same time, Honda Jazz does not provide all these functions, only supports ABS and EBD brakes without BA.

Therefore, overall, the safety performance of Honda Jazz is not as good as Toyota Yaris.

The above is a comparison of these two cars. You can see that these two cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. You still need to choose according to your personal preferences. I hope it will help you.This article is republished from AutoFun under license. You can read the original article for more details about Toyota Yaris 2020 and Honda Jazz.

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