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Road traffic signs are used as a way to reduce chaos on roads and highways. They regulate traffic flow among vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, and other roadways and streets. With so many traffic signs, it’s possible to create confusion and severe accidents if road users don’t know their importance. That’s why we have wrapped up a list of traffic signs and their significance in our roads.

  • Warning signs

Warning signs are the most crucial of the informational traffic sign as they mean something is hazardous and extra attention is required. Here are common road warning signs that you will encounter on your journey.

  • Stop: The stop sign tells the drivers when they need to stop the vehicle before proceeding. It is the most basic road warning sign at road intersections and parking lots, and they are typically red with a white border.
  • Yield: This sign advises drivers to yield to oncoming traffic, and most of them are white with a red border. Whichever direction the yield sign points towards indicates oncoming traffic or any other potential road hazards.
  • Speed Limit: Another common traffic warning sign is the speed limit. It tells drivers and motorists how fast they can drive and where they need to slow down. They are usually rectangular white signs with black printing showing the speed limit.
  • Keep Right: When nearing to a narrow road, this sign uses an arrow advising drivers to move or stay on their right. You will encounter these signs at the end of lanes or in one-way traffic.
  • Pedestrian crossing: These signs are easily recognizable as they use stick figure person warning drivers of heavy foot traffic so that they can drive with caution. You will encounter these signs near schools and in heavily populated areas.
  • Men at Work: A variation of this sign says, “road work ahead.” It indicates a temporary road construction work ahead; hence motorists should proceed with caution.
  • No Bicycles: This sign features a red slash over a bike image to advise bicycle riders that they are not allowed at that roadway.
  • Animal crossing:It is found at places frequented by wildlife, and it tells drivers to drive cautiously as animals may be crossing the roads.
  • Regulatory Signs

While warning signs are meant to notify a hazard, regulatory signs are mandatory signs that motorists have to obey. They are intended to regulate the speed, flow of traffic, and parking.

Road traffic sign that fall in this category includes:

  • Parking regulation signs
  • Road closed signs
  • No turn
  • Weigh station and truck route signage
  • Stop sign
  • Speed limit Yield sign
  • Guidance and Informational Signs

These signs provide supplementary information about services such as gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, among others. They are less demanding, hence not much crucial unless there is a need.

Road traffic signs are essential as they help maintain a safe environment for both motorists and pedestrians. That’s why it’s necessary to learn all the road signs, so you are more aware. If you need road safety products, look no further than National Safety Products in Australia Oaklands park.

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