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You’d think that having more parking spaces than cars is always a good thing. After all, more space means that your customers can find a spot with ease. But the main downside is the waste of space. Some studies claim that the US has 2 billion parking lots for just 250 million cars. That’s a lot of space you could use for other stuff. The unused lots also cost money because you have to call a Denver parking lot repair service to fix the potholes, cracks, etc.

That’s why many businesses, schools and homes have started converting them. The options for what you can convert them into are limitless. Here are some options for you:

Bicycle Parking

If your locality is seeing a rise in the number of cyclists, then converting some of your car parking space into bike parking space is a good idea. Bicycles require less space than cars, with many fitting into one lot. A cyclist can park and remove them with ease within minutes. A Denver parking lot repair company can convert the lot by adding a few poles and signs or simply painting the area.

Food Cart Space

If you cannot get rid of the parking lot, then you could make better use of it by renting it to a food truck. You earn from the unused lot and attract customers interested in street life. In many cases, they are the most active part of a shopping center. Food trucks will be interested because it gives them a guaranteed space to do business. You can add some tables, seats and umbrellas for the customers.


Many cities are converting their unused lots into parks. It makes sense when you think about the lack of greenery in urban areas. It will also add to your property value. You can do it by getting the necessary permits and resources for commercial landscaping in Denver. You just need a flat space.


If you don’t have enough area for a park, then you can convert the lots into parklets. You can add some grass and seats to create pleasant seating areas. You can make parklets permanent by landscaping or temporary by adding artificial turf.


Many farming groups have been reclaiming underutilized parking areas for producing fresh vegetables and fruits. Restaurant owners can benefit from this by cutting the need for a supplier. It’s also quite simple because you need to get rid of the asphalt and get your soil in order. You just need to invest in commercial landscaping in Denver to get it right.


You just need a transparent plastic sheet for the roof, an exhaust fan for heat and proper water supply to grow some spices indoors.


The lack of homes is a bigger problem than a large number of unused parking lots. That’s why many communities have been converting them into homes. This may include small housing pods or full-blown homes. Parking garages are easier to convert because of the existing infrastructure needed for homes. You can use them as a shelter for the homeless or rent them to others. Do check the local laws before beginning construction.

Seating Areas

If housing seems too dramatic, then consider converting the lots into seating areas when going for concrete repairs in Denver. People, especially the unhoused, can use some shelter from the heat as they rest and cool down. You just need some tables, chairs and outdoor tents for the job.

Mini-Golf Course

Mini-golf is fun and makes for a great way for friends to hangout. You don’t need to add towers or waterfalls. You can use simple decor to create a fun mini golf course.


Sidewalks tend to be narrow to give cars enough area to park. This gives pedestrians less space to walk over. So when you go for concrete repairs in Denver, consider expanding your sidewalks. This way, you make the outdoors safer for pedestrians and encourage people to walk more.

Last-Mile Distribution Facilities

The last mile is the last part of the delivery process and the most expensive part. Delivery services now have to deal with rising demands for same-day deliveries. This is difficult due to how spread out homes in any given neighborhood is. That’s why many e-commerce companies are looking for underutilized parking spaces to set up last-mile distribution facilities.

Walk-In Theatres

You just need an inflatable screen and an old movie that has entered the public use domain to set up a walk-in theatre.

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