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If you are directionless and struggling in business then a Vaastu can accelerate your success rate in the business. You should follow all the steps as per Jyotish in Allahabad guidance to make things favorable. Read below Vaastu tips to enhance your financial status.

  • The plot of land for the office should be wider from the front and narrow at the end. Plus, it is better to choose a place that is closer to the road and other utilities. 

  • Office buildings should be built in such a way that it faces north, northeast or northwest direction. According to an astrologer in Ghaziabad north, northeast or northwest-facing bring more good luck and positive energies. 

  • Maintain your files, directories, electronic gadgets on the left side of your table if your office faces the north direction and if it faces the east direction then maintain such things on the right side of your table.

  • The room of the owner should be situated in the South-west direction and his chair should be placed in such a way that he faces the Northsides when he sits. Plus, no window or glass or any god’s idle should be there behind his seat. 

  • Glass and metal are something that attracts negative energies quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to not have office desks made of glass or metal. Rather, they should be made of wood and be in regular shapes as it is believed that irregular shapes give birth to confusion and instability. 

  • According to Jyotish in Allahabad, hanging a painting of a white horse on the north-west wall enhances the cash inflow and brings more financial stability. 

  • Cash lockers should be situated in the South-west corner in a way that they open up in the north-east direction. As per astrologers situating lockers this way attract abundance. 

  • Have beautiful and fresh flowers in the reception area. It will invite positivity to your office and business. 

  • For the enhancement of wealth, accounts departments should be located in the south-east corner and it will be better if accountants face the Northeast direction. 

  • A conference room is a place where important discussions take place. So, for having fruitful and successful discussions, it should be built in the north-west direction. 

  • It is even good if you will have an aquarium in the north-east direction of the office and having blackfishes and goldfishes in it give rise to success and prosperity. 

  • Broken items including broken stationery should be discarded at the very moment as they tend to attract negativity and poverty. 

  • Avoid building toilets in the north-west direction. It can block your financial growth. 

  • If your business has manufacturing and production as a part of it then it should take place from the South-west to the north-east direction. This is because according to Vaastu for a successful business it is very necessary as it improves the production potential as well as increases the success rate of the goods.

A person who is following Vaastu’s tips from a well-known astrologer in Ghaziabad can surely be your best way to make things in your favour. Choose your astrologer wisely in the way to Increase Luck with proven Vaastu Tips. 

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