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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is an innovation used to establish a virtual work environment for a remote worker. VDI provides you virtual work areas, which the clients can access through devices like laptops, phones, or tablets. These virtual work areas are facilitated on Virtual Machines (VM) that are controlled through administration.

For example, as a bookkeeping firm's proprietor, envision the bother you face while introducing and designing each one of those work area PCs and then continuous support or, other prerequisite that continue accompanying time. It takes a lot of time and effort to handle all that.

Types of VDI

VDI can be classified as persistent and non-persistent. 

Persistent VDI is customized for one personal user, and the user can log in to the same desktop each time without losing the data. The best use case for persistent desktops can be creating a personalized experience for the individual work force.

Non-persistent VDI consists of desktops that revert to their initial state after the user logs out, which means if the user logs out, data is lost. If the user logins again, then they have to start fresh. The best use case for non-persistent can be call centers as a huge workforce keeps changing their workstations.

Benefits of VDI

Let's now understand the benefits of VDI – 

1. Ease of Access

2. Flexibility of time and location

3. Remote working or work from home is possible

4. Security with multiple layer safeguards

5. Multiple app support

6. Reduce the operational as well as fixed expenses

7. No need for bulky infrastructure or hardware

8. Manage with central IT infra.


So there are a lot of advantages that a virtual desktop is offering to a business. Modern businesses are very eager to know about the latest technologies that come in the market. They always want to use the best tech, increase productivity, and adopt the best practices for their team to work from remote locations efficiently. Here, I am sharing with you one such tech trend which I found.

Service provider companies are offering experience mobility, scalability, and high performance to your business with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions even at zero setup cost. You can also use it for your organization.

Being a techie, I have gone through a lot of VDI providers, but I have found very few who are delivering their services very well. This is only because of a lot of inconsistency in the market. However, companies like ACE Cloud Hosting are tied up with big brands and delivering very well to their customers.

To conclude, you can try free trials and decide, but before that, gain knowledge about the same.


Written by Chris Robinson

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