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‘Warrior Nun’s Toya Turner On Shotgun Mary ‘Cliffhanger’ & Father Vincent’s Betrayal: ‘That Was Dirty’

‘Warrior Nun’ is one of Netflix’s best new shows. HL spoke with Toya Turner about Shotgun Mary’s fate in the season finale, Father Vincent’s deception, and more.

Warrior Nun fans had to say a prayer for Shotgun Mary after watching the season finale of the all-new Netflix series. After learning of Father Vincent’s betrayal and Adriel’s true nature, Ava and the other members of the Order of the Cruciform Sword are surrounded by people possessed by wraith demons. “In this life or the next,” Ava says to Lilith, Beatrice, Mary, and Camila. The women echo Ava’s words.

Suddenly, Shotgun Mary steps out from the huddle. “F**k that. In this life,” she says. She walks right up to the possessed people and starts to fight them off. Her life is left hanging in the balance in the final moments as the possessed people crowd around and attack her. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Toya Turner about what that ending for Shotgun Mary could mean for season 2 and more.

Toya TurnerToya Turner stars as Shotgun Mary in ‘Warrior Nun.’ (Netflix)

Okay, we need to talk about that ending. Were you surprised that the season ended right in the middle of the action?

Toya Turner: I wasn’t expecting that at all, especially since we have such a huge, huge cliffhanger with one of our lead characters already. I was not expecting it. There were so many questions at the table.

Obviously, Shotgun Mary’s fate is left open. Do you personally know what happens to her?
Toya Turner: I actually don’t know.

Do you have your thoughts or theories about what happens to her?
Toya Turner: There are so many different things that can happen, right? She could be a goner. She could be possessed. I mean, they left it so open. She could be under Adriel’s control. So many things could happen. Of course, I want it to be everything except for the death part.

Do you think in that moment, Shotgun Mary is content with sacrificing herself for the greater good?
Toya Turner: I do. I think that something has been awakened by Ava coming into the OCS. Something that she said, I believe it was in episode 8, was like, “Who’s going to die next? Is it going to be you?” I think she’d rather sacrifice herself if it means that we could stop all this… if we can keep Ava safe and the halo safe even for another moment.

One of the biggest shockers of the season is Adriel being alive. Over the course of the season, was there a part of you that thought he was alive? 
Toya Turner: No, that was the one that I was shocked about. I actually had a couple of theories about Father Vincent more than I did Adriel. I did not expect him to still be alive.

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