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Digital transformation of a business has become a major priority in today’s date. Enterprises, no doubt, are evolving their business operations so as to gain more work efficiency and productivity. This is when they look for companies like Omind Tech to adopt new technologies. One such demanding technology is robotic process automation or RPA.

Robotic process automation solutions are widely used by a majority of enterprises, regardless of their size and type. Studies performed by AI Multiple have clearly stated that by the year 2025 the economic impact due to this RPA solution is expected to reach $5-7 trillion and the graph will keep growing in the upcoming future. 

RPA software is primarily used for human resource management. HR, being the most crucial department of any company, needs proper monitoring and management to establish strong employee morale, contributing a lot to the development of the organization. Here are some significant roles performed by the robotic human resource management software. Let us have a look.

Roles of RPA software in HR operation

  • Recruitment and onboarding: HR managers are responsible for selecting the right candidate that fits the job role. To get the right workforce they perform multiple tasks including creating job descriptions, running hiring ads, checking applications, conducting the interview, and dealing with different paperwork for the onboarding process. All such extended work is easily performed by the RPA HR software.
  • The software robots perform screening and shortlisting of candidates. They compare the candidate’s strength with the job description and determine whether the person will be suitable for the job role or not. Besides recruitment, it also deals with multiple digital paperwork to streamline the onboarding process. It is said that robotic process automation solutions have 10X faster employee onboarding in comparison to the manual onboarding processes.    
  • Payroll management: Managing payrolls in large enterprises is very time-consuming and challenging as they have several employees in their corporate family. The payroll management process includes working on the employee salaries, taxes, deductions, bonuses, increments, leaves, and so on. The HR software offered by the agencies like Omind Tech can easily handle all such risky tasks.
  • The best thing about this software is it eliminates the risks that are likely to happen by a human while managing the payroll system. This reduces the time consumption and human efforts at the same time.
  • Staff scheduling and expense management: The RPA-enabled HR software is also responsible for staff scheduling and managing the expenses of the company. The software monitors the number of staff appointed for a single job role. When it finds an excess in staff, it schedules the employees accordingly so that no extra amount is spent on extra staff.
  • You can assume this software as a labor-management software that has the ability to schedule employees whenever there is a lack of it. Companies when encounter understaffing situations make use of this robotic software to fill the gap.  
  • Employee data management: During joining, a company requires plenty of data not just to enable the onboarding process but even to verify the employee identity and to confirm its job. The RPA-based HR management software makes it easier for the HR managers to collect all the required data and manage them properly.
  • The documents required include the personal identity, address proof, experience certificate, education certificate, contact details, bank details, medical proof, and many more. Introducing this software, the user can simply upload all the documents and keep them securely stored in the digital cloud for future requirements.

Final Thoughts

An HR manager needs to perform a plethora of jobs, starting from dealing with paperwork to monitoring employee’s performance. The RPA based human resource management software thus simplifies the job of an HR manager and increases employee satisfaction to a great extent.

Researchers have updated that 50% of HR operations can be automated using such robotic software. Companies can even improve their efficiency with AI chatbot software & solutions to upgrade their work process. That’s the reason why agencies offering digital transformation, like Omind Tech are so in demand.

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