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With Attack on Titan approaching its final season, its release has sparked several online debates as fans puzzle with different theories surrounding its end. It feels like it has been decades since we saw the gigantic Titan bring down Wall Maria. That event completely changed the lives of Mikasa, Erena, and Armin. Since then, they have successfully been able to understand the origins of the Titans and where their possible end lies. However, they still have a challenging journey ahead of them before they get there. The anime fans might be clueless about what to expect from the final season, but people who have read the manga have a pretty good idea about where the show is headed. In this article, we will discuss different possibilities that the last season of the show offers. 

Time Skip

In the recently released trailer for season 4, we saw Reiner had a beard while Eren looked much older than his usual self. These clues point to the fact that the anime is following the manga’s footsteps, which also saw a time skip. After the fight at Shiganshina District, the manga skipped several years, and it seems we will see the same thing in the final season of the anime as well. It also makes it very clear that the events following the time skip will also be similar to the manga. Since the show has to cover so much in just 20 something episodes, it seems like the logical approach that the creators will make. It would be easier to make sense of the progress that the Survey Corps has made with the Time Skip; otherwise, such radical changes will seem odd. 

 Character Deaths

Since Attack of Titan has always had tragedy deeply rooted in its storyline, we can expect to see the same in the final season as well. With an all-out war approaching soon, we can expect to see some major characters die in the struggle. It looks even more probable when one looks at the manga, which has also taken away some of the show’s beloved characters. It would be absurd to see a show like an Attack on Titan end without a tragedy, and the manga makes it even more apparent that we are in for a tea-jerker. 

 New Characters

The trailer of season four also gave some clues that we might see some new faces on show. Considering the change in perspective, this was expected with Gabi (Reiner’s Cousin) and his friends being the most impressive newer additions to the fray in the final season. These kids have been trained rigorously to be Titan Warrior in Marley’s Eldian internment zone. It is going to be intriguing to watch what roles these new characters play in the conclusion of the show. 


In the course of the Time skip, Marley and Eldia have had several battles, and as the show reaches the final season, they are at full-scale war with each other. We can expect to see the characters on the show a bit more hardened and ready for war. Eldia is also not as weak as might have been, and with the progress that they have made, they are now going to be a tough challenge for Marley when the final war begins.


After the end of season three, Eren undergoes a much more complicated and dark transition, which can be verified from the manga. Since Eren is such an important character, it seems that the anime will follow the same storyline. We already know the plot has been building up for a long-time for a much more vengeful Eren, and the story makes sense this way only. Both manga or the anime has never shied away from exploring the darker sides of the characters, and it seems the last season will also follow the same path. As of now, it is a real possibility that we might see Eren as an anti-hero when the show ends. 


As we head to the show’s final season, we can expect to know much more about the Titans and Titan Shifters. In season three of the anime, we already saw some very dark and unanticipated realities of the Titans’ origins. Since we are coming to the conclusion of the anime and Titans are the show’s focus, it does make sense that the show digs deeper into their history. If we see the anime following manga’s footsteps, the fans might also see the last Titan Shifter.


Since Attack of Titan appears to be sticking to its fundamentals, it is a no-brainer to conclude that the show’s final season will be action-packed just like the last three. It is also possible that the end might be much different from what Hajime Isayama has planned. Irrespective of how much the anime draws inspiration from manga, it is inevitable that we are heading to an action-packed season of the show.

If the previous performance of the anime is anything to go by, we can expect that it won’t disappoint in the upcoming final season as well and will give a satisfying end to the show. It will be a tear-jerking end to an epic show, and the fans should buckle up for a tragic conclusion to the dystopian world.

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